What speed is your Pipex?

  Halmer 21:51 26 Jul 2005

Nothing seems to have happened following my receipt of a mail in January promising to double my speed free in the summer from the current 500kbps.

Over £23 month is now beginning to look like a rip off Pipex.

  Taw® 22:47 26 Jul 2005

I got the original email in Feb. In June they emailed to say that BT stated my line would not support 1mb and therefore I would not be upgraded but that my price would drop to 17.99. after a bit of twoing and froing between BT and Pipex I was finally upgraded to 1mb in June. I would check your speed in case you are already upgraded, as I say they dropped the price of the 512 to 17.99

  Stuartli 22:51 26 Jul 2005

My son has been waiting for some time to get the free Pipex upgrade to 1MB - some of the delays are to do with the tremendous BB takeup following BT's upgrading of the service, plus lower cost to ISPs, a few weeks ago.

Some Pipex customers were told they would have to wait until up to August to be upgraded; however, if they paid a fee of £15 the upgrade could be done manually by BT.

Pipex makes no money from the £15 charge, it goes to BY.

  Kate B 01:05 27 Jul 2005

I paid for the upgrade - it seemed worth it.

  Brock100 09:55 27 Jul 2005

still waiting in the north east for the upgrade I was told it would be june but not holding my breath

  Chegs ® 11:07 27 Jul 2005

I used Pipex,their services were chronic.I had paid for a 512K connection,yet rarely was this speed achievable(only for an hour or so at 4-5AM)the rest of the time my connection was often slower than my ISDN had been.They stopped answering my emails,so I finally moved to another ISP.I see that Pipex are still upsetting their customers though,so will continue to advise against going to Pipex if I'm asked.

  Mcfearty 12:56 27 Jul 2005

I run a test and had a speed of 469.3 kps recorded. does that mean I am on 1MB broadband?
Would I be right in saying if I pay £23.44 a month I get 5mb bandwidth, and if so is that sufficient?

As I don't know anything about these things, could somebody help me out please?

An email to Pipex to ask them what service I am on has brought forth no response whatsoever bar the Autoresponder.

  garrema 13:10 27 Jul 2005

email in Feb advising of upgrade in July which has not been carried out yet. They have two and a half (working) days left.
For current customers they are now relatively expensive and I have done the calcs to see if its worth paying them the 58GBP for the "free" modem just to get out of the deal. Right now the saving is not there until early next year.
Here we don't know what their strategy is towards existing customers but its a fine line to tread when existing customers begin to un-recommend a supplier in any industry. (Is that in the Oxford dickshunry?)

  anchor 13:36 27 Jul 2005

I paid the £15 upgrade fee in March this year, which was done in a few days. Like Kate B, I thought it worth it. As Stuartli says, Pipex make no money from this charge, it goes to BT.

Mcfearty: It sounds you are certainly still on a 512 service. You should be getting at least double that for a 1Mb service.

  Kate B 13:41 27 Jul 2005

My view was, why pay the same price for half the bandwith when for a quick one-off fee I'll be getting much better value for money? Glad I did it, I'd be pretty irritated if I were still waiting.

  wags 14:36 27 Jul 2005

My upgrade story: At the end of May, I noticed that the status monitor on my PC was showing 1.1mps rather than 576kps, but my initial excitement was short-lived as the connection was incredibly slow - about 10% of the 512 service. I phoned Pipex who said 'you haven't been upgraded yet' and following further calls to Pipex and BT it turned out that BT had changed the 'card'to a 2mb card at the exchange but somewhow hadn't told Pipex. the BT engineer admitted to me that sometimes BT 'make a bodge' of the upgrade!!!

Eventually, the speed issue was sorted and I was getting the full 1 meg download speeds (I understand that Pipex 'throttle' the speed down to 1 meg)....but had loads of random disconnections - say 6 times a day.

In the end following various tests etc. BT switched cards back to 512 with the reason given that my line wasn't up to 1 meg standard. Bearing in mind that BT made a bit of a pigs ear with the upgrade I'm not convinced that this is true, but as it stands I'm back to the 512 service, at the 1 meg price.

I'm concerned that I am still paying £23.44 per month and am interested to see what Taw® has mentioned about the drop in price to £17.99 if the 1 meg service doesn't work.

I think I'll call Pipex again and see what can be done.

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