What speed should I expect?

  ened 17:21 24 Jul 2006

I know this has been discussed before but yesterday my Tiscali BB connection was only giving me incoming speeds of 0.1-0.3 Mbps.

I am supposed to be on the 1meg service which would be fine for my requirements if it were maintained.

Very frustratingly I contacted their Tech. Support only to receive replies in which the English was so poor I had to request a clarification (Still waiting).

This morning I was back up to 0.9, which is what I normally receive and have been happy with this.

I appreciate that it will fluctuate depending on demand but: tonight I am back to only 0.5 and my question is what could/should I reasonably expect?

  ened 17:26 24 Jul 2006

Sorry - wrong Forum

  rdave13 17:27 24 Jul 2006

Funny you should say that, as my download speed was 0.1 to 0.3 meg yesterday. My upload speed was faster! I'm with AOL up to 8 meg but getting 3 meg today.Still not very good.

  Gongoozler 17:31 24 Jul 2006

Hi ened. I normally get almost 1M on my Tiscali 1M connection, but right now, according to ADSLguide I'm only getting 0.4 down and 0.2 up.

  ened 17:36 24 Jul 2006

And Rdave13 I just moved this to Consumerwatch but like Gongoozler I used to get between 950 and 1meg all the time and am now right down.
Do you live in the South West?

  Gongoozler 17:40 24 Jul 2006

ened, no Maldon in Essex.

  ened 17:46 24 Jul 2006

I used the same speed test as you and we are on opposite ends of the country.

When I finally received a reply from some Asian at Tiscali he asked me to make adjustments to my machine - why do they do that?

  Furkin 23:07 24 Jul 2006

I'm on BT B.B :( when I asked them how to check the speed, they told me to dowload all sorts of weird & wonderful things.

But,,, If I click on Router Manager > Advanced/Status, up pops the speed ! I don't know how accurate it is - anyone know ?

I don't know if this is only a BT feature, or whether others have it also -- Might be worth looking for !

cheers all

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