What speed an AMD XP2000

  Dorsai 10:25 20 Jun 2004

i have a KG7-Raid mobo, 1Gb Ram, one pc2100 ddr ecc registerd sdram.

I can not get the mobo to recognice the cpu, it cumes up 'unknown cpu' and runs it at 1200Mhz. (12 x 100) should't it be more like 1600Mhz?

  rickf 10:28 20 Jun 2004

Should be 1.67. You should set in Bios as 133X12.5. You have the wrong setting. You may have to set hard jumpers as well depending on your mobo. Hope that helps. The default for AMD is 100.

  pj123 10:54 20 Jun 2004

I have an AMD Athlon XP2000 and Aida shows it as 1659mhz (6.5 x 265)

  bremner 11:02 20 Jun 2004

Aida must be having one of her days -

because if your chip was running at an FSB of 265Mhz then you could literally cook dinner on it :))

  spuds 11:45 20 Jun 2004

Similar problem with my AMD 2200 and mobo. Shows up as a 1800, but local techie states this is a known problem!!.

  cream. 11:54 20 Jun 2004

Enter the bios and pick the first option, the soft menu. You may have to press F1 for this.

Change the CPU fsb clock (Mhz) to 133

Then change the FSB rate ( cpu , ram and pci) to 3,3,1.

Save settings and exit. See if that works.

  GRFT 12:14 20 Jun 2004

Iv'e just set my XP1800+ to 12.5x133 = 1.6625mHz and it's running OK, and cool. Shouldn't you get more from an XP2000?

  Irishman 12:22 20 Jun 2004

Mine comes up as 1666. Different mobos seem to report different speeds but if the fsb is set right the speed should be somewhere around 1650.

  pj123 12:28 20 Jun 2004

bremner, Just checked with Aida again and she definitely says 1659 (6.5 x 265) although the BIOS says 133mhz. Don't have any problems and this PC is on all day everyday.

  Dorsai 14:00 20 Jun 2004

Got it going at 13*125...I don't have a 12.5 option and 12*133 unstable. CPU runs at around 39 deg.

I had to creep up on this setting..started at 13*100 and went up in 5mhz steps rebooting each time..had tried 12*133 stright off and no joy.


The speed an amd athlon runs at is not it's number..an xp2000 is a bit over 1600mhz the 2000 means that AMD think it performs as well as a pentuim 2000Mhz, but it actually runs slower.
so an XP2200 at 1800Mhz is bout right

I did have a well handy link that went into detail about what clock speed various athlons ran at, but once i had picked the fasted CPU my mobo could use i deleted it.

  Rayuk 14:20 20 Jun 2004

Here you are
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