What spec video/graphics card do I need

  The Potter 22:34 12 Dec 2009

I'm planning to use one of my recon pcs to connect to the TV and I want to be able to run the BBCi Player (for example) on full screen with moving pictues and full sound. As it can't manage that at present I guess I'm going to need to get a video or graphics card (I'm not sure of the difference, sorry)but I'm not sure what to look for as obviously a modern one wouldn't work.

The specs are Pentium 3, 733 Mhz, 512mb memory, XP Pro, and the chipset is Intel i815E/EP. The onboard graphics controller is Intel 82815.

Please could you advise what I should look out for (or not as the case may be); I'm hoping I can pick one up cheap off ebay.


  MAT ALAN 22:49 12 Dec 2009

click here
this link suggests your CPU will not be up to the job so installing a VGA card that will might be a waste of time...

  The Potter 22:59 12 Dec 2009

If I getting it right ..... it's says pent 4 minimum. Not an easy job to upgrade the processor is it - that's to do with the motherboard isn't and mine probably won't take it right?

  MAT ALAN 23:14 12 Dec 2009

The way i'm reading it, yes, you might even have to upgrade your PSU to cater for a VGA card that is suitable so you have more than one thing to think about...

Is it worth it? probably not...

  The Potter 23:23 12 Dec 2009

Hmmmm, just found a recon with pent 4 and 2.6Ghz for £60 - can just about afford it!

Next questions:

1.Not likely to get one for cheaper than that am I?

2. Got to be worth it if I want to watch the BBCi player/utube in full screen on my new TV, right?

If the answer is yes, anyone know the max memory a Fujitsu Scenic E600 Desktop can take?!

  The Potter 23:37 12 Dec 2009

I've found the answer to the last Q - 2GB.

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