what sort of hub is needed for BBmodem and scanner

  canard 00:38 13 May 2003

Please will some kind soul tell me what sort of hub is needed for a scanner and BB modem.The BB is occupying the only usb socket that the scanner works on.Win 98SE.

  Zaxifone 00:47 13 May 2003

A USB hub?


  soy 00:49 13 May 2003

If you don't have enough USB ports then you can get yourself either a USB hub or USB PCI card.

  canard 00:50 13 May 2003

Yes Zaxifone,a USB hub.

  leo49 01:16 13 May 2003

And make sure it's a Powered hub else you may well encounter problems.

  monkeyshine 01:21 13 May 2003

Some BB modems don't like hubs, hope yours does. Leo 49 is right, make sure it is a powered one.

  -pops- 06:25 13 May 2003

If you have a spare PCI slot, you would be far better off using an additional USB card. These are dead cheap, easy to fit and best of all, much more suitable for connecting the devices you want.

Both BB modems and scanners can be very temperamental about where thay are connected and even more temperamental if they share the same USB port into your computer - which is what you'll get with a hub.


  canard 12:19 13 May 2003

The BB is NTL- anyone know if it won't work or causes probs with a hub?

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