What software powers this Board

  MedMan 14:50 30 Sep 2005

Can anyone tell me what software powers this board? I am looking for suitable software for a forum on a club site.

  harristweed 15:38 30 Sep 2005

I think the PC Site is Macramedia Cold Fushion, but I may be wrong. I think it would be a bit of an overkill not too mention pricy!

I've have used click here

for a forum and it was easy to set up and worked very well.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:54 01 Oct 2005

This site is indeed powered by Coldfusion and it is indeed very expensive.

  Taran 19:46 02 Oct 2005

For a club site try phpBB click here or Invision Power Board click here if you don't mind paying.

This site runs off a custom programmed ColdFusion program running on a Windows IIS web server. It is highly complex and certainly not available for a club site.

phpBB is superb, looks good, works wonderfully and is free. All good reasons to encourage people to use it I feel...

  MedMan 13:50 03 Oct 2005

Thank you allfor your help and advice.

  Forum Editor 17:48 03 Oct 2005

we run in a custom-programmed ColdFusion environment on a Windows server. The same server runs many other IDG group sites, and copes with a very heavy traffic load. It's all pretty complex, and involves some hefty database activity. It also costs a tidy sum to maintain.

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