What software do i need to clone h/disc

  ineedalabotomy 18:44 17 Nov 2008

Hi, I would like to install a larger H/disc as i only have 2.7MG left on existing drive. What would i require and how would i go about this operation please ?

  chub_tor 19:59 17 Nov 2008

Is this a desktop or a laptop?

  natdoor 08:52 18 Nov 2008

You can achieve more storage space by using an external HDD orn internal one in a caddy. This may be OK for a desktop but is obviously inconvenient for a laptop. For a desktop, the additional drive could be mounted internally.

Assuming that you need a replacement drive for a laptop, many recommend Acronis to produce an drive image.

  ineedalabotomy 15:43 18 Nov 2008

Thanks for your replies, it is a desk top, so an external drive may be the solution ! is it easy enough to transfer most of the existing h/drives data to this ?

  iscanut 16:39 18 Nov 2008

As easy as drag and drop ! When & if you get an external hard drive and if you need help with this, come back to us.

  Diemmess 17:26 18 Nov 2008

I'm not absolutely clear about your need for filespace.

If you need more space just to store things like music or photos or your autobiography then these days an external drive (buy a whopper) is all you need.

But..... if you need space for a backup of your OS drive, then the same rules apply but you do need clever software like Acronis as well.
This will allow you to keep an up to date copy of your OS's drive in case of the whole thing going belly up or the death of the HD that carries your OS.

  T0SH 18:21 18 Nov 2008

Most if not all hard drive makers have a free utility available for download from their website which will do exactly what you need so once you select the hard drive visit their web site

Cheers HC

  ineedalabotomy 18:33 18 Nov 2008

Guess it will be used for files & pic's.(don't have any music stored) Do most people back up/copy their OS then ? the chap who built my PC a few years ago installed two h/drives! the master is only 16mb & the slave (ithink) is 40mb (why he didn't do it the other way round i shall never know) i have tried to copy my pic's to this drive but unsuccessfully. could i copy the whole thing to this larger drive & make it the master ? or would an external drive be easier ? I keep getting a low disc space pop up so need to do something...cheers

  iscanut 19:35 18 Nov 2008

What Op system do you have that is happy with 16Mb ? Do you mean Gbyte ? Even then that is very small. You would be better off installing a large Hard Drive and then moving everything onto it and make it the master. I am sure other forum members can advise better than I can.

  ineedalabotomy 20:25 18 Nov 2008

Yes sorry Gigabyte ! OS XP pro. Would like to install a new drive but how do i go about it ? need someone to explain the procedure please. i am willing to give it a go as i have already installed larger memory etc. Just can't work out how you would copy everything onto new h/drive ??

  DieSse 22:54 19 Nov 2008

Buy a Seagate drive - download their free Disk Wizard software, and read the information on the link - and it will guide you through the whole process.

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