what slot adapters are these?

  athenrye 23:51 03 Sep 2007

hi guys
im looking to buy a new graphics card
the picture here has my card in the top slot
which is dark red
below that is a modem and tv card in pci slots...
is my graphics card in an agp slot?
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

below all of that is a bron slot thats empty
what is that one for?

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]


  athenrye 23:53 03 Sep 2007

if you click on the second "click here"
you can see the pics
ignore the third set of click heres
dont know what happened there....

  cycoze 02:08 04 Sep 2007

It would help to know the model number of your motherboard, it looks like it could be P4MAM-v or -L, either way they have the same layout of slots.

Yes it is AGPx4.

Bottom slot is a CNR (Communication Network Riser), you can read about what they are used for on wiki click here

  cycoze 02:14 04 Sep 2007

would also suggest you buy some canned air to remove some of the dust in your tower.

  athenrye 11:01 04 Sep 2007

thanks cycose
im looking to buy a new dual graphics card for him to connect his tv as well

the one that in is a 128mb geforce 5200 with tv out
i assume buying another gforce one would solve any conflict issues, so would anybody be able to reccomend one?

i see its an agpx4 would i be able to get a x8 i see some state its 1.5 etc but im a bit lost as i only do the basics with computing

oh and i did clean it out after i took the picturs

  cycoze 11:07 04 Sep 2007

If you put a x8 into a x4 it will only run at x4, sorry no suggestions on cards, hopefully someone else will have some for you.

  athenrye 23:33 04 Sep 2007

back gain tonight
anybody any suggestions to my last query on suitable graphics cards for my system?

  Jim_F 08:19 05 Sep 2007

It really depends what you're trying to use it for - you have a perfectly good card for general use. For 3D games (Doom 3 and that ilk) a 6600 (GT is the best) with more memory (256 or 512) would see an improvement (check its the AGP version). If its just facilities like TV-out then look for models as close as possible to the one you have at present.

Regrettably an upgrade would place more demands on PSU and on-board regulators - for the PSU it depends how much other kit you've in the box but I've seen 300W quoted as minimum for the 6600GT - most have a molex connector on the card which avoid onboard regulator issues but won't help is the PSU is struggling.

Sorry its not a straightforward answer but upgrading one component of a system that was well-matched when built is a risk.

  athenrye 10:56 05 Sep 2007

my aim is to put a dual graphics card in the machine, so any older slower ones would do...
my mchine is a
tiny power pro 3400
intel celeron d processor 320
512mb ddr ram
128mb geforce fx5200 with tv out
microstar ms6787 micro atx motherboard

i think the agp slot is a x4
ive seen a good few dual geforce graphics cards that are x8, they look like they would fit and im told they would only run at x4 though which isnt a problem for me, as long as they dont bugger my machine!

the geforce 6200 seems a good buy but i dont want to fry that card and poss my machine, ive tried looking for a dual x4 but they all seem to do x8 only...

anybody any better ideas
i do have a free pci slot but would i just be creating the same issue with a newer pci card?

  PsiFox 12:31 05 Sep 2007

PCI for modern gaming graphics is a no no.

upgrade your ram to at least 1024 or even 2048 if at all possible.

Turn down the graphics options in games and see how that works.

You will not find much benefit in fitting a 6200 over the 5200.

  athenrye 23:45 05 Sep 2007

hi psi fox

you say i wont find much benefit in fitting the 6200 over the 5200

yes i will, its dual adapter thats what im looking for...
i need a graphics card thats got 2 outputs, one for his monitor and one for the big tv he uses!

hes not into gaming, dosnt do photo editing, i just need it so he can bllody show of to his pals with you tube on the big screen while he is on msn chatting to girls

anubody help with my request in reccomending a suitable grapics agp card that will fit my current set up above withput blowing my computer!


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