What should the resolution be set at?

  Zebrapec 22:28 01 Feb 2005

My settings at the moment are 800 x 600 True Color (32bit), however when I click on the screen icon (bottom left) I get the choice of 36 other settings. Which should I choose, please?
I am on WIN98 and using an on board graphics chip, Mach64. RagePro.

  PA28 22:38 01 Feb 2005

What size monitor do you have and is it a TFT (flatscreen)?

  Robotic_Rob 22:56 01 Feb 2005

Screen resolution, should be big enough so you can see the detail correctly without straining your eyes. Also your system should be able to run as quickly as it were before you changed the settings. (bigger the resolution the slower your machine will get)

  PA28 23:04 01 Feb 2005

As a rough guide 15" set to 800x600, 17" to 1024x768 and 19" to 1280x1024. As Robotic_Rob says, find one that is comfortable. Don't mess with the refresh rates unless you know that your monitor can take it (check manual) - you can destroy a CRT by setting this too high (75 is a good one to go for, however, as any less on a CRT will cause flicker. On a TFT then 60 is sufficient).

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