what should I spend money on?

  pookie 09:55 02 Jun 2003

oh what a problem

1.9 athlonxp, 512 Mb ddr pc2100 ram, gainward ti 4200 64 Mb graphics, windows xp home edition, 13 Gb 5400 speed harddrive, ecs k7 s5a and proview 770 17” monitor. I use only for games.

I am in the fortunate position of trading in a friends old computer parts with a local store and have approx £300 of a credit note. My monitor is naff so the idea is for me to get a Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 17" monitor in black.

That’ll leave me with approx £120. Now would you suggest that I put the money towards a cd rw, which I’d use only to back up downloaded patches (my system is very stable), a bigger/faster hard drive as every now and then I have to uninstall games to install newer ones (once in a blue moon) or use the £120 and trade in my ti 4200 and get a 5600 ultra.

I do appreciate that I’m in a lucky position here to have this problem as to what to spend money on.

Thanks as always


  The Spires 10:32 02 Jun 2003

I think before spending futher amounts on Pc gear George Best answers your question, "I spent much of my money on fast cars, booze and women but the rest I just wasted". :-)

easyjet luton -> malaga £30 the beach is free and the food is cheap

  soy 11:29 02 Jun 2003

Get a better hard drive. A 120GB 7200rpm will cost around £110 mark. As you seem to play alot of games, a newer, bigger and faster one will load your games quicker and speed things up a bit. You can save more games as will!

  Sion 11:41 02 Jun 2003

You could get a new hard drive. I can recommend the Seagate Barracude line of drives. Quiet as a tomb. You can pick up a 60GB drive for around £60 on ebuyer. You could ge a bigger hard drive, but like oyu I only use my system for gaming, and have never breached the 15GB limit on my drive.As for the remaining money, how about a massive p**s up!

Or you could think about getting a new motherboard. I have the k7s5a board myself, but you could splash out on an nforce2 board. Super fast, and more future proof than the k7s5a.

  vinnyT 11:48 02 Jun 2003

If you compromised size of hd, ie 60-80Gb, you could get both hd and cd-rw.

  vaughan007 12:00 02 Jun 2003

Get a 80gb hard drive (as you say it is only once in a blue moon you have to remove old stuff to make room for new stuff, so I doubt you need a bigger one) and a CD-RW (very handy pieces of kit indeed). No need to upgrade your TI4200 as these cards are fast enough for most games and I think you need a bigger hard drive more than a faster AGP card.

  pookie 13:14 02 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replies.
My favourite is 'easyjet luton -> malaga £30 the beach is free and the food is cheap' but I don't think easyjet will accept a computer credit note as payment - unfortunatley.
It's looking like hard drive and cd rw. Many thanks.


  Gaz 25 13:18 02 Jun 2003

I think you have a decent spec but as people say, go for a new HDD, at least 60Gb 7200Rpm but 80Gb wont go amiss, if you want 120Gb or 250Gb.

CD-RW's are great.

Good luck.

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