What should I put on new PC

  Bennythejet 09:29 02 Apr 2003

Hi all, following my other thread (see Buying a new PC) I will shortly be getting a new PC, either built from scratch or from Aldi tomorrow. My old system is so clogged up with various programs that I want this one to be running as smoothly as it can (well for a PC anyway!). I have heard various horror stories from my mates regarding virus checkers and utility programs etc (on of my friends is convinced that the Norton Antivirus and Utilities I have installed is the reason for my current PC's downfall.) Can someone give me advice on what I should/shouldn't be putting on my PC?

  hgrock 09:39 02 Apr 2003

put the things that you want and would need

  Jody o-) 09:50 02 Apr 2003

basic stuff that you should have the operating system of course ;)

get a good virus scan ( i swear by norton 2003 fast and hardly slows down the pc ) don't bother with the utilities etc they'll just clog up your system.. get a decent office suit... install ONLY the programs that you need avoid any of those shareware rubbish no matter how appealing they may seem ;)

off hand i can't think of anything else.. it depends on what you will be using your pc for and so only you can really decide..

while installing hardware try to avoid installing the miscellaneous software on the disks just install the drivers and carry on unless you really need them.

the less you install the less the chances for things to go wrong ;)

  Bennythejet 09:54 02 Apr 2003

I have been told to ignore Norton utilities, so I will just put the virus-checker on. I will probably be getting office 2003 as well as I do a lot of desktop publishing so that will go on as well. I just don't want my system to be bogged down and wanted to make sure I was avoiding any potential pitfalls when it came to the right kind of virus-checker etc.

  Dr. Charles 09:56 02 Apr 2003

Some systems simply don`t like Norton. Its not Nortons problem its a matter of many other things . Some programmes simply don`t run with Norton and the same with some configurations.

I for instance cannot run any Norton products as I run IBM Via Voice . Also I still run some old DOS programmes on win 98SE. If you were happy with what you had why change it?? Don`t clutter your new PC up with loads of these "Bells and Whistles" Utilities. People see them recommended on Langlist and quite often they conflict. Keep your basic programmes and a virus checker AVG is free and a good firewall (I use Sygate Pro) and I run a disk defragger. Apart from that you don`t need much extra.



  Jody o-) 10:04 02 Apr 2003

i'd suggest nav 2003 if you can get it.. even though people said that there wasn't much difference from 2002 i found it to be much faster and easier on resources.

i'm sure office 2003 won't cause any problems.. if you can manage with such few programs you won't ave any problems with slow downs and such lol :)

if you're getting windows xp the biult in firewall is good enough i think..silent and unintrusive. i seriously doubt if anyone would be all that interested in stealing your data ;)

  DieSse 10:13 02 Apr 2003

As well as Win and Office - Acrobat Reader + WinZip + a good non-interfereing AV (try click here ) + a good firewall (try click here ) + a good non-interefereing clean-up utility (try click here ) + a good back-up/data recovery program.

  Jody o-) 10:19 02 Apr 2003

windows xp and windows me come with their own unzipping utility.. forgot that you planned to use win 98 right .. ?

  €dstow 10:41 02 Apr 2003

Before you put anything on your machine, think it over for a day or so.

Do you really need it? Will you use it? Will you miss it if it isn't there? Does it do anything useful/entertaining/otherwise apart from taking up hard disk space?

If any of those answers is no, then don't install it.

There are so many hard drives not functioning at their best because they are bunged up with rubbish that is never used and, even if removed, has left remnants behind that mess things up.

Keep it lean. Keep it keen!


  Bennythejet 11:07 02 Apr 2003

Excellent advice everyone. I believe the PC I get will be on XP so the firewall is taken care of but I am looking into the other aspects (virus-checker etc) as I write!

  Jody o-) 11:10 02 Apr 2003

NAV 2003! ;)

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