What should I do with old Motherboard, etc?

  Qdiddy 08:47 12 Aug 2005

I have just replaced my motherboard (oh so simple), which also required a change in memory modules (to DDR). I also decided to up the power supply while I was at it.

The question is...what should I do with the old motherboard, memory and supply. The motherboard has onboard graphics/sound so all it would need is a processor, fan, and HDD and a new base unit it born (albeit a dated one). Is there any value in doing this? Is there any demand for 2nd hand bits? Can any charitable causes make use of it?

It just seems a bit of waste now as it all works.

What do you think?

  [email protected] 09:03 12 Aug 2005

keep your psu as a spare sell on ebay what size is your memory number of pins sell them as well

  Stuartli 09:46 12 Aug 2005

A staggering number of used computer components and peripherals are sold/auctioned every day on e-Bay and there is always a demand for them.

In fact I'm often surprised at the prices people are prepared to pay for motherboards that are five or more years old.

For instance I've seen examples of my just replaced 1999 Elite P6BXT+A mobo (the first to feature both a Slot1 and Socket 370 facility) go for up to £25 plus p and p on the website; you can also pay up to the same price for a 1GB PentiumIII Coppermine Socket 370 CPU.

For many people this is all they require for their system if the only need is for it to be slightly faster.

  woodchip 10:16 12 Aug 2005

If you put it aside You may be able to build a spare computer, Like I have done in the past after keep upgading

  spuds 11:11 12 Aug 2005

I usually put these things in a bag, and await that rainy day when I or someone else may have use for them. Always the young budding computer builder around the corner looking for spare bits and pieces I generally find.

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