What should i do about my computer? and diagnosis.

  :: James :: 20:42 27 Feb 2008

The symptoms for my computer go on and on. I can't afford to buy a new one or have it looked at. Here are the symptoms, if anyones an expert please try and diagnose...

*Frequent Lock Ups, all programs stop responding for several minutes
*Start Up Menu, if i select something off the start up menu it sticks for 30 seconds or so
*Always does a disc check on start up
*Logging on to my section of the computer takes ages to 'load my settings'
*Keeps popping up memory is low
*AOL freezes often

Thats just a few...

I purchased AVG and brought the complete package and my computer was extremely sluggish. Would take 20-30mins till i could fire up the internet or open any programs. Its just driving me mental!

  daxian 20:53 27 Feb 2008

hi james ....
most likely cause is the hard drive is nearly full ,remove some of the programs you dont use all that often, then do a defrag and scandisk ..
you might think of getting a bigger drive they are quite cheap at the moment !!!
if after doing the above ,you are still having problems then it may be a memory module is on its way out !!!
hope this helps ....Dave

  MAT ALAN 20:58 27 Feb 2008

System specs and O/S would help it may just be you do not have enough memory...

  :: James :: 21:01 27 Feb 2008

what system specs would you like? anything else i can find out to help?

  harps1h 21:01 27 Feb 2008

take a look at the amount of processes and services trying to open up on bootup. i consider anymore than 45-50 processes excessive and extremely memory hungry

  MAT ALAN 21:05 27 Feb 2008

XP or Vista, how much memory

i consider anymore than 45-50 processes excessive and extremely memory hungry..

disagree, mine runs 47 and my PC flies...XP Home SP3
1.5gigs of memory...

  :: James :: 21:20 27 Feb 2008

im on windows xp, my overall comp memory is 80GB and thats got to be shared between 3 people in my family, last year a mate of my dads gave us instructions to re-install windows and told us to move things over to D: and E: so theres stuff in there too.

My free memory on C: currently is 1.37GB

  MAT ALAN 21:22 27 Feb 2008

NO, you are showing drive space, its physical memory, how much do you have installed in your PC.

  MAT ALAN 21:24 27 Feb 2008

512Mb 1gig 1.5gigs 2gigs, that sort of thing...

  :: James :: 21:31 27 Feb 2008

its an 80gb computer overall. i really dont know, how do i find that out? im not too great with comps

  daxian 21:32 27 Feb 2008

hi again .....
c: drive 1.37gb free....nufff said .
mr invisible.

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