What should I do?

  The Mountaineer 16:44 31 Dec 2009

I really wasn't sure whether to post this in Speakers Corner or the Helproom ..... but here goes!
I'm having a "clear out" of my old office at home and find two PCs and one Sony Vaio laptop lurking amongst the cobwebs.
One PC I think I'll experiment with Linux on, it has 1.66 MHz Athlon processor, 2048 RAM (I think) and 61.4 Gb hard drive. Any advice re a suitable distro?
The Sony Vaio is probably a dead duck with only a 3.2GB hard Disk and 32MB RAM, I cant find a CPU!
The final PC is still to be checked for spec but it will be low dating back to 1998 or so and I'm tempted to have my first foray into the world of fiddling with the hardware components. So, where's the best place to look for a beginners/fools guide to this sort of thing? Any directions greatly appreciated to give me a new thing to learn.

  Technotiger 17:05 31 Dec 2009

Good guides are not free, however Individual PC/Laptop Service Manuals can be downloaded and are free. You simply need to Google for the Service Manual(s) you need. That was how I successfully did a full rebuild of an old non-working laptop I had been given not so long ago, at my first attempt - and it worked first time!

BTW, I am 75yrs young next month!

  The Mountaineer 17:35 31 Dec 2009

Welcome .....? I thought I'd been around for some time. But, manuals for the two PC's won't exist as they were the classic "bought from local businesses" many years ago.

  tullie 17:40 31 Dec 2009

Its an age thing lol

  Technotiger 17:44 31 Dec 2009

Yes, you're right ... I realised as soon as I had Posted ... he he he

Beginners guides are available, have a look on Goggle!

  howard64 17:45 31 Dec 2009

although a manual for the pc would not exist the motherboard will be a generic one and simply looking at it and reading off any info on it should get you a manual. I started off with my first one by literally copying all the connections onto a pad. Technotiger you make me out to be a youngster on this site being only 67 years young.

  rdave13 17:55 31 Dec 2009

Sometimes You tube can be handy to give you some visual ideas.
Example; click here
As for Linux I only run Ubuntu from a disc. Hopefully someone in the know can advise you on that.

  The Mountaineer 07:06 01 Jan 2010

rdave13 thanks for the YouTube links they look useful.
howard64 thanks also, am I right in assuming that the motherboard determines a lot of what can be added/not added or changed? I seem to remember seeing bits of advice about this on the forums.

  Demora 09:03 01 Jan 2010


If the pc's or laptop will boot up you may like to download SIW click here

This software will give you a good idea as to whats inside the pc. IE type of RAM etc.

Ubuntu is a fairly easy distro But there are others too. PCLinux comes to mind.


  The Mountaineer 09:05 01 Jan 2010

Thanks Demora, I have SIW on one of the PC's and will set it on PC2 once I get going.
I'm just about to start a Linux search too.

  howard64 11:36 01 Jan 2010

Hi The Mountaineer - Happy New Year - yes the motherboard [mobo] controls almost everything and determines what can and cant be connected. The cpu socket on the mobo fixes what type of processor can be used. The type of memory and type of add in cards and hard disk type. With a pc all I need to know is what mobo it has and that allows me to know what I need to do almost anything. A laptop is different as most are almost unique per model. Hope this helps.

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