What should CPU temp be?

  Colin 12:22 18 Apr 2003

Is there an ideal range of temperatures that a CPU should fall within? I have a P4 2.53Ghz on an Asus P4PE mobo. The Asus utility reports the CPU temp at 41C and the mobo at 38C when the PC isn't doing anything. After a long gaming or Photoshop session for example the temps rise to 54C and 44C respectively. Is this OK? The ASUS website doesn't help with this and neither does Intel's. The only cooling in the case is the fan and heatsink on the CPU and on the graphics card, Radeon 9500 PRO.

  powerless 12:29 18 Apr 2003

What you have to remember is that we are having hotter weather than the Med. at the moment so all CPU temps will rise a little.

54C is ok, just forget about it. The intel chips have clever workings. So if the CPU should go above a preset temp it will turn itself off. So it will save it self...

Also if your case is up against a wall or you have lots of stuff around it. Move the case out and give it some air flow.

Also dust can make temp go up so umm DUST the inside of the PC.

But i would just ignore the temp and get computin'.

  Colin 12:38 18 Apr 2003

Thanks, Powerless.

  two00lbwaster 12:57 18 Apr 2003

also you might have to note that the cpu is going to be running a bit hotter when its running at full speed compared to when its running idle which is on most systems nowadays reported as 0-1% compared to the 100% which is pretty usual for games. toms hardware has done some comparisons on modern coolers and 54degs at full load isnt a bad result on at a guess a standard cooler

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