What should be my FSB?

  Bluescreen 06:15 15 Jan 2003
  Bluescreen 06:15 15 Jan 2003

I have built a pc with the following.PC Chips 841mobo,DDR2100x512,40gig7200hd,Athlon 2000xp.Me o/s. Set in bios to use optimum setup. What should I set the bios for reliable working and what should be my FSB?What manual setting should I set on the BIOS? I'm a bit confused because I thought it should run at 266?


  temp003 06:19 15 Jan 2003

FSB should be 133MHz.

  Bluescreen 18:34 15 Jan 2003

Then why would my pc show 66? How can I make sure that my pc is working at 133mhz?

133 is the correct FSB but as the Athlon uses DDR technology, it runs at 266 mhz.

This should be multiplied by 12.5 as this processor runs at 1.67 ghz.

Hope this helps.

  temp003 02:20 16 Jan 2003

Do you mean you can't set it to 133MHz? If so, it may be that the BIOS that came with the board is a pre-Athlon XP 2000+ version. The BIOS doesn't recognise the CPU and does funny things. Get an updated BIOS from click here select BIOS, K7 to see the list of mobos.

But before you flash the BIOS, perhaps try resetting the CMOS first (by clearing it and resetting - follow the instructions in the jumper settings section in your mobo manual) to see if it cures the problem first.

  Bluescreen 07:09 16 Jan 2003

Your right! That maybe the case.

I have only ever flashed the bios once before on another p.c. It didn't go to plan and caused me a load of problems for over a week. What is the safest way to flash a bios?

  rickf 07:49 16 Jan 2003

You should be able to set it at 133 from w/in bios. If not there may be jumpers on the board itself.

  temp003 09:57 16 Jan 2003

rickf is right, some mobos require you to change jumper settings for different FSB. I looked at the manual for your board and it seems that the only jumpers relate to clearing the CMOS. Nor does the manual say anything about jumpers in the CPU installation section. But please double-check your own manual.

If you've tried everything and it really comes down to flashing the BIOS, then good luck.

The manual doesn't seem to give any instructions on flashing the BIOS. Nor does the website. The other place to try is your mobo CD.

All I can find out is the manual refers to AMI BIOS, and from the website the BIOS download file will unzip to give a .rom file, which I think requires the AMI flash utility to open (otherwise RealOne may come into action if you have it). It should come on your mobo CD. If not, download the utiity from the PC Chips website. The utility should tell you how to flash the BIOS.

The other thing to note is an announcement on the website click here that if your 841 mobo BIOS is older than 28 Aug 2002, a message will appear in the process about error 9. You're supposed to ignore it and proceed as normal.

  Bluescreen 20:11 16 Jan 2003

Thanks very much for all your help. I will go for it! I have downloaded the bios upgrade and found some info on how to flash a bios. fingers crossed! If all else fails, I can easily buy a decent mobo and fit my 400mhz graphics card!

Thanks again for all your time.


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