What a shame. Can't copy VHS 3 hour tape to DVD

  pj123 15:56 14 Aug 2005

Using my Liteon standalone DVD recorder I have the choice of 2, 4 or 6 hour recording. I am transferring all my Beta/VHS tapes to DVD.

Unfortunately, I can't edit the DVD if I use the Liteon. I just tried to capture a 3 hour VHS tape on my PC using Sonic MyDVD and all I can get is 2 hours 48 minutes. This cuts off the last 10 minutes of the tape. Having already copied it using the Liteon set at 4 hours which gets it all on a 4.7gb DVD why can't Sonic do it.

  stalion 16:16 14 Aug 2005

have a look here there is a lot included in this package click here

  VideoSentry 16:26 14 Aug 2005

One for Me

  pj123 16:35 14 Aug 2005

crx1600, thanks for that. I have already tried that but it is dropping too many frames which makes the resulting DVD useless.

  pj123 16:49 14 Aug 2005

Also just noticed on playback the sound sync is a good 4 seconds out, and I thought Pinnacle sound sync was bad at 2 seconds.

  pj123 13:17 15 Aug 2005

Just tried Nero again with the same results.

Looks like it will have to be the Liteon and copy them as they are. The only editing facility I can see on the Liteon is the "Pause" button, but you have to know when to use it which means playing the tape through first and making notes.

Thanks everyone for all the input. I will tick this thread now.

  Philwane 13:58 15 Aug 2005

I also use a Liteon recorder for copying my vhs tapes and have no trouble recording 3 hour tapes you need a specific Firmware update which can be had from here click here
plus many tips and tricks for your DVD Recorder

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