What screen resolution for games

  CLONNEN 20:19 08 Nov 2005

I have my system set to 800x600 at Medium (16 bit) color quality.

I test games on my computer and then sell them on Ebay. Recently two of my customers have emailed me saying that their games are running excessively slowly. The games are Star Trek Armada and Theme Hospital.

The customer with Star Trek Armada eventually got back to me saying tha changing his screen resolution to 800x600 made the game run at a normal speed. He didn't say what setting he was on before.

Is this normal behaviour for games with full-screen graphics? Should I warn customers to set their systems to 800x600 screen resolution to avoid this sort of problem?

  flyingbrit 21:37 08 Nov 2005

Below are the specs for Star trek armada
The minimum system requirements for hardware are:
P 200 MHz
32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
Win 95/98
This is for Theme Hospital
Windows 95/98
75Mhz Pentium
16MB Free system RAM
55MB free hard drive space
4x CD-ROM Drive

It would need a very old pc not to play these at full settings,they don't even need a graphics card.I have Athlon xp2600+ nvidia 6600gt gpu 1 gig ram in my system and I play all the new games at 1280x1024 32 bit colour all bells and whistles in game turned on with no probs, as you say full screen graphics.So if they can't play these on full whack they need a new gaming pc.

  flyingbrit 21:38 08 Nov 2005

Are you taking the michael?????

  CLONNEN 21:43 08 Nov 2005

The Star Trek Armada support site did mention that 800x600 was recommended - I can't find anything about screen resolution for Theme Hospital.

When I tested the Theme Hospital I was definitely using 800x600 and it wasn't slow on mine. Seemed to be the same speed as every other game I tested.

  flyingbrit 21:48 08 Nov 2005

Same as I said,"are you taking the michael?"

  ACOLYTE 21:51 08 Nov 2005

I have played them both at 1024x768 32 bit no problems but as it would depend what other specs there pc has.

  CLONNEN 21:59 08 Nov 2005

Does this sort of thing depend on what type of graphics card they have installed?

Mine is an NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 - is this a fairly low end graphics card?

  Skyver 22:01 08 Nov 2005

Getting on a bit, but easily capable of handling those games. Perhaps you could link to a Systems Requirements page for the games when selling in Ebay, it's not your responsibility if a buyer's PC isn't up to the task.

  ACOLYTE 22:04 08 Nov 2005

Well the better the pc hardware the better the playability would be,so yeah a good card would be able to run the game with higher settings.The GF3 Ti200 is pretty old now and would not run most of the latest games,it should still run the 2 you mention pretty comfortably maybe not at the games full spec but ok.

  CLONNEN 17:10 09 Nov 2005

I emailed the Theme Hospital buyer this morning with the suggestion to try 800x600 screen resolution at 16-bit color quality.

Just now I had an email back from him saying that the solution works - no slowness.

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