What is safe to delete in registry

  geewis357 17:15 07 Jul 2005

I have a laptop with XP Pro, sometimes when the PC isnt running as it should a friend told me to look in the regestry for anything odd and delete it. I have at this moment got an entry in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER the file is called S and within this file is things like lastdetecttime and lastdetecthighdatetime under that is a file called sessioninformation with an entry of programmecount and lastly under that is a file called volitile enviroment with entries homeshare, clientname, homedrive, homepath and logonserver. are these all legitimate or is there a nasty at work?

  Diemmess 17:25 07 Jul 2005

Talk about a bull in a china shop...... deleting lines on a whim, guaranteed to bring tears.

Far better to clear rubbish with ordinary software, check that no unnessary prorams are running

Aassuming you are running anti spy/virus and firewalls as a last resort download HijackThis and post the result on click here site or browse the web for Tom Coyote

  Completealias 17:34 07 Jul 2005

Don't mess with your registry as it a sure way to mess things up far better to download a registry cleaner which will then look for old references for you.

There are many that can be found click here I have used the microsoft regclean on the list with no probs the Lexun RegscrupXP was recommened the other day although I haven't tried that one out yet and Regclean has also been recommended but I haven't tried that one out either.

Whatever you do before you clean anything from the registry make a system restore point first this will back up your registry and so if you do delete anything that you shouldnt you can restore it.

You may also want to run a cleaner which will clear out temporary files.

  961 17:35 07 Jul 2005

Because it is the gubbins that makes your computer work. Bit like a human brain really

It is extremely complicated and needs leaving severely alone because if you delete or alter a line then, bingo, laptop no work no more. And it will take more than you, or me, to sort it

The advice you have had is not good. Don't follow it

In the fullness of time your computer may become slow because of bits of programmes left lying around. At that stage there are a number of programmes that can safely remove rubbish from the registry. One is called regseeker. Another is Winoptimiser. Both are free and work well. But unless you have a problem with your computer, these programmes are for tomorrow

  radi8or 17:36 07 Jul 2005


Seems this is somethingto do with Windows Messenger
click here

Hope this helps

Please be very careful what you delete in the Registry unless you are very sure or at least back up before doing anything

Regards Bob

  bremner 17:38 07 Jul 2005

"...a friend told me to look in the regestry for anything odd and delete it."

What have you done to upset your friend? ;-)

That is possibly the daftest piece of advice I have heard this year. It could only be given by someone who wants your machine to crash and burn or who is a complete fool.

Use Regseeker click here to clean out any unwanted registry entries.

  Graham ® 17:41 07 Jul 2005

Many entries are part of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. They may look suspicious to the untrained eye, but they are what the programs are looking for.

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