What router to get?

  Ricky_Singh 14:12 11 Jul 2006

This is the first time i am trying to go wireless. I have just brought a laptop with internal network card (Intel Pro WLAN 3945 Internal Wirless (802.11a/b/g 54 Mbps) for Dou processors). I also have a Dell desktop pc with NO network card. I also have pipex 1Mbps, with a SpeedTouch 330 USB ADSL Modem. My question is what network card do i get for my desktop PC? Also should i get a router or a wirless router and which products shall i get that are compataible with the ADSL modem that i have? Pipex themsleves do not sell routers so i have to buy one from the shops but i dont know which to get. Please help me!!!

  ArrGee 14:25 11 Jul 2006

The package I bought works great for me. A BT Voyager 2100 Wireless router. You can pick one of these up at your local PC World, and it comes with two wireless cards. Once installed, you'll have no need to use the ADSL modem as the Voyager wireless router is ADSL click here

  Ricky_Singh 14:29 11 Jul 2006

but how would that work with my pipex internet. Sorry i dont know much about this

  ArrGee 14:37 11 Jul 2006

Pipex is your broadband service provider, and you are currently being provided this through your telephone line, via the ADSL modem to your machine.

Once you have the wireless router in place (plugged into your phone line) and a card in your Dell, you'll be able to access the Pipex broadband service.

The link I showed you says the wireless network cards are optional, but that wasn't correct. I received 2 in my pack.

  Ricky_Singh 15:04 11 Jul 2006

So you saying i wud not need my Speedtouch USB ASDL modem then? Also how do i fit the network card in my computer?

  Taff™ 15:14 11 Jul 2006

You put your Speedtouch into a box and save it for a rainy day. Fiting a network card is fairly easy. You open your box and fit it into a spare slot on the Motherboard. There will be drivers supplied with full instructions.

If you dont fancy that click here I use this with my Pipex connection. The Wireless Router / Modem connects with my wireless laptop and I simply plug the supplied USB Wireless Adapter into a spare USB slot on any of my other computers. With this package you don`t need much else. It comes with one ADSL line filter and you need one for each telephone appliance that plugs into the telephone system.

  ArrGee 23:25 11 Jul 2006

I have 4 laptops and one main desktop. The BT setup cost me around £200. Working from home and having a full media setup warrants the extra spend. However, from what you have said, it sounds as though Taff's solution would be better for your bucks, at almost a quarter of the cost.

Given the specs you describe Ricky, you should have a USB 2.0 slot. That should be better for your connection rates.

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