What router to get?

  gangstaman 21:01 17 Mar 2006


i wonder if you guys could help me out. I want to get a home use(4 port)adsl router. I have currently got a netgear which i have been swoping and changeing with netgear for a good few years and seems that there brand isnt compatible for some reason. I get the problem of it disconnecting after 8 hours or so.
Weird thing is, my zoom usb modem can stay connected all the time untill computer crashes.

Can anyone reccomend a good reasonable priced router?

Cheers for the help

  ade.h 22:12 17 Mar 2006

Anything from 3Com or a Belkin 7632. (Note that my choice of Belkin is specific, and for good reason. The new 33 is flaky at the moment.)

  marsman 10:32 18 Mar 2006

i would recomend a D Link, i got a belkin 2 weeks ago, kept dropping the conection, nothing but trouble, swapped it twice at curry's. In the end got my money back and bought a D Link, no trouble with it at all.

  ade.h 15:04 18 Mar 2006

I have so far bought four 7632s for other people, and they all work perfectly. Belkins are known to be more position sensitive and you must be proactive in checking the exact sub-model and firmware version prior to purchase, but they work very well when set up correctly and accurately.

  gangstaman 16:42 18 Mar 2006

thanks for the response guys.

ade.h - what do you meen by "position sensitive". Are you talking about wireless?

So what do people think of netgear? or you think my case is a one off. Are routers sensitive to there connections or somthing, is that why some drop.

Thanks for the help guys

  ade.h 16:48 18 Mar 2006

All wireless routers, WAPs and receivers are - to varying degrees - position sensitive. They can also be affected by other radio signals, including microwaves.

  pipedream 21:35 18 Mar 2006

I've bought around six Netgear DG834G's in the last year or so (one for me), and no complaints so far. Best avoid the GT version though, still some teething problems I believe. If you need to access a VPN for work, the Netgear works out of the box (for me anyway). Colleagues with 3Com and Belkin routers have had problems in this respect.

  pipedream 21:37 18 Mar 2006

P.S. I have heard the Netgear can drop the line on some 2Mbps connections, I'm only on 1Mbps.

  gangstaman 04:12 19 Mar 2006

hmmz right. first of all im wanting a wired router not wireless.

Im currently running 1mbs. I started off with a DG814 couple of years ago. Since then it was going backwards and forwards because it would keep connection, also it made the connection go slower and slower till it stopped. After years of that trouble they decided to upgrade me to another modle the DG834 and recently to the V2 of it. And after all that im still having the same problem, hence the trying another brand.

So are we saying 3com and D-link are good to have a go at. Not botherd about looks or anything, just want summet to work

Thanks people

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