What is a realistic price for...

  Cod12 22:13 15 Apr 2007

...an Advent 3519 PC. I am selling one and have hardly used it. It cost me £1500 from PC world in May 2004. I have listed the spec below. How much should I be putting this in the ad section of my local newspaper? I am not up with PC's these days, so if anyone can tell me a realistic figure to sell this PC for that would be much appreciated.

Thank You

17inch Advent Flat TFT monitor
CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz HT
BIOS Phoenix-Award BIOS. Press the Delete key to enter.
Motherboard MSI MS 6743 ver 1.0
Memory 1024 MB DDR RAM - PC2700
Hard Drive 250GB Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 7Y250P0
CD Drive 16 x JLMS 166S DVD ROM
Lite-On LDW411S dual DVD writer
MC Reader Flash Memory Card Drive (7 in 1)
Video Card nVIDIA GeFORCE FX 5700 (256MB)
Sound Card C-Media AC'97
TV Card AverMedia TV-tuner
Speakers Advent SP-120N
Modem SoftK56 Data Fax Voice Speakerphone CARP (V.92)
Network Card Intel Pro/100 VE ethernet
Case Jupiter
Keyboard Advent multimedia keyboard
Mouse Advent optical mouse

Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance for reading this.

  skidzy 22:18 15 Apr 2007

Im afraid with the deals out there at the moment,not a lot...sorry :-(

Best offer,my guess around £150-£200

I take it has a Operating system ?

  Technotiger 22:18 15 Apr 2007

Hi, at a guess I would say not more, and probably rather less, than one third of what you paid for it.

  Fingees 22:34 15 Apr 2007

Just sold same sort of spec. £200.00 sold to a friend .

Wouldn't be able to sell to just anybody, as they
would expect a warranty, and once I've sold something, I don't like living with it .

  acein1 09:11 16 Apr 2007

has it got an operating system is so which ???

  Technotiger 09:32 16 Apr 2007

I think being a bit more realistic, a great computer for a new user, someone not too savvy about pc prices, you might expect to get about £300 - but not if it is to a friend, friends always expect things 'a bit cheaper'. Also you could explain to un-savvy person "no warranty, hence 'Cheap' price!!"

Have a look on ebay for similar spec, and their prices.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:28 16 Apr 2007

£220 tops. You can buy a Dell, similar spec and Vista...and 19"TFT for £339 delivered......and a year guarantee.


  keef66 16:44 16 Apr 2007

You'll be extremely lucky to get £200 for it. As has already been mentioned, Dell will sell you a new Core 2 Duo based system including a very good 19" tft monitor and running Vista for under £500.

  acein1 18:42 16 Apr 2007

and we still dont know if it has an operating system ????

  Diodorus Siculus 18:46 16 Apr 2007

Pretty decent machine for most users - good luck with the sale.

  Legolas 18:48 16 Apr 2007

Agree with the above PC's lose value quicker than used cars.

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