What is rcibqqaw.exe?

  ened 16:13 13 Aug 2006

I have had some problems today and am now trying to tidy up the machine.

The above is in system32 and is trying to access the internet.

A general pointer to somewhere I can find out more about this and other spurious items will be greatly appreciated.

  ade.h 16:26 13 Aug 2006

Are you sure that you typed that correctly? click here

  ened 16:31 13 Aug 2006

I didn't type it I pasted it and had already got the same result (Or lack of)from Google.

  ened 17:00 13 Aug 2006

Does anybody have an opinion as to whether it is an important file?

Can I safely delete it?

  James. 17:17 13 Aug 2006

Have you tried right clicking it and looking in properties, this can sometimes give an indication as to who made the file and what dependencies it has.

  Gongoozler 17:20 13 Aug 2006

What folder is it in?

  ened 17:24 13 Aug 2006

In answer to both of you:

C:\windows\prefetch pf file (application unknown)
& C:\windowssystem32

  Gongoozler 17:32 13 Aug 2006

Hi ened, I don't have that file on my computer, and like you I can't find any rerference to it. It could well be a legitimate component of something you've installed. The prefetch entry suggests that to me. Have a look at the startup components via Start - Run msconfig and see if there's a reference to it there. You could also try right clicking your installed shortcuts and see if rcibqqaw.exe is a target for any of them. If you are feeling brave you could try renaming rcibqqaw.exe to something like oldrcibqqaw.exe to see if that gives any problems before deleting it.

  ened 17:47 13 Aug 2006

Believe you me I have been through this machine with a fine toothcomb since this problem manifested itself. It is not in the start-up items but could well be something legit. Most of the stuff I have installed is to do with brand names like Canon and I would have doubted that anything to do with them would be an unknown application.

Quite frankly I am just glad to have the machine running properly again and will never again run without a firewall.

I will try your last idea and rename the file. If the machine then bursts into tears......

Thanks for all the help.

  Gongoozler 19:52 13 Aug 2006

ened, when a trojan slipped through my defenses, only zonealarm alerted me to it. I did an online scan with Ewido and that confirmes that a couple of files in my System32 folder were associated with the trojan attack. click here

  ened 07:20 30 Aug 2006

I ran AVG again yesterday and it detected this particular file. It is a Trojan.
It must have been sitting in the back up files because I did a System Restore at the weekend and this is the first time it has been detected.
Thanks to all.

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