What RAM?

  Josquius 18:06 25 Jan 2004

I have a amd athalon xp 2400+ and a Soltek Top Mainboard, what sort of RAM do I need to get for this computer? I am going to buy it from dabs (the cheapest seeming place) and the many different types are quite overwhelming.

  VoG II 18:08 25 Jan 2004

Try Crucial's Memory Advisor click here

  Dazwm 18:51 25 Jan 2004

When buying try this site aswell click here

  Josquius 15:30 28 Jan 2004

I used that 1st link to find what is suitable for my motherboard however all these came up for 512 (the sane amount I should get, the 1gig ones cost a bomb)
click here
What is with all of these different types? What do the different things on them mean? What is so much better in the most expensive one over the cheapest?

  Josquius 15:36 29 Jan 2004


  Josquius 20:53 30 Jan 2004

Thump thump
Does no one know?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:01 30 Jan 2004

It will likely tell you the RAM types - PC2100, etc. Go for the highest you can afford - they will be faster and will work with your mobo.

What model is your motherboard?

  ribo 21:06 30 Jan 2004
  ribo 21:10 30 Jan 2004
  Sigmund Hippothwack 21:14 30 Jan 2004

As others suggest, try Crucial.

  Quiller. 21:39 30 Jan 2004

This is tricky as you don't say what model no. the soltek board is and your link is not working.

If you wish to add to your existing ram the download aida32 from click here Pick the personal system information one. When running pick computer \ summary, then look for system memory. This will tell you what is the speed ( pc2700 or similar)of your ram and how much is installed.

If you just wish to install new ram e.g. take out your existing ram. Then crucial, VoG's link, will tell you the what types of ram you can install into your mother board. It will list the slowest to the fastest. e.g.slowest pc100--pc133--pc2100--pc2700--pc3200.

pc100 + pc133 are older sdram modules. Pc2100 + pc2700 + pc3200 are the newer ddr ram modules.

Now the above ram is then broken down to separate sections, one is manufacturer. Top manufacturers command premiums on price, reliable products. They also come in eec or non parity. The eec means error checking, this is usually not needed for most computers but needed for servers that run 24\7. There is also a numbered CL= listed. This refers to class latency. The rule on this is the lowest number is the best, so 2 is better than 3. The average and most used is CL=2.5. Other factors do come into consideration, whether the ram is either single sided or double sided, this can affect how many ram modules are allowed on some motherboards. On some boards a double sided ram module, dimm, is classed as two separate ram sticks. The last thing is the speed of the ram in ns. This is nano seconds, the lowest nano seconds ram is obviously the faster working ram.

If you can post the exact model number of the soltek board then someone may be able to help you further.

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