What is the purpose of using Router

  akhan 06:12 09 May 2008

Hi All,

Hope you all doing well.

Kindly tell me what is the purpose of using Router.

Why we need router in our work environment ?

If router is necessary in any working environment then how to choose a router for our requirements ?

Needs your guidance will be helpful for me.

Thanks N Best Regards

  Forum Editor 06:49 09 May 2008

is a device which connects individual computers to a network, and in that context it routes individual packets of data to the correct machine on the network - it's a distribution depot for data. It also enables computers to 'see' each other on the network.

In an internet context a router distributes a broadband service to other computers - either via LAN cables or wirelessly.

  akhan 08:01 09 May 2008

Thanks for your reply.

Switch is also doing same work then why any company invest huge amount on Router.
Still my mind is not clear about the Router purpose.

Where I am working right now there are around 30 nodes network and I am using Manageable and Un-manageable switches and same is working properly.

In my opinion there will be some special treatment on network why people are using Routers?


  irishrapter 14:56 09 May 2008

A router is used to join multiple Lan's or Wan's, i.e your work Lan to the isp Wan.

  ambra4 18:37 09 May 2008

Hope this will explain the difference between a router and a switch

Switches & Routers

On broadband equipment the single Ethernet Port on a ASDL / Cable modem is a router port that will allow you to connect to a Wan port on a Wireless Router / Normal Router or normal port on a Switch / Hub

Switches are faster and cleverer than hubs.

Switches keep in memory each computer's address (location) on the network and only send data to the computer the information is intended for.

These types of switches are known as unmanaged switches that are ideal for use in the home.

These switches connect 5, 8 or 16 devices and run at a choice of three data transmission speeds - Fast Ethernet (10Mbps - 100 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (up to 1000 Mbps).

Fast Ethernet is more than ample for general home networking, e.g. messaging, sending documents, printing, scanning etc.

Gigabit Ethernet is better for bandwidth hungry large company’s transferring large amount of data between offices internally or globally

Switches provide access to your Local Area Network and Internet Access once connected to an ASDL / Cable Modem with an Ethernet Router Port.

Managed and Unmanaged Switches are used to connect all your computers, printer, to form a Local Network with or without Internet access.


The word ‘router’ describes a kind of equipment that is used to connect two or more different networks and to transfer data packets.

A Router is nothing more than a networking device in which different networks is connected to it with different IP ranges.

These networks can communicate with each other although they are having different IP range configured.

Router use routing protocol and allow to send data packets of one network to the destination in other network having different IP range.

Routers route data packet from a LAN to another router, then next router, and so on until data packet is received at its target.

Routers also allow only certified machines to send and receive data into the LAN.

A switch is used to connect different machines in network and a Router is used to connect the two different networks.

It makes use of forwarding tables and headers to establish the most excellent path to forward packets. It uses protocol such as ICMP protocol to communicate between two different hosts.

It also uses Network Layer, a Layer 3 in Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, and the standard model of network programming.

Computer networking device, which forwards data packets across a network toward their destinations through a process of routing is known as Router.

In the OSI layer, a third layer is used for routing.

A router is positioned at any junction where one network meets another, and is most of the time as part of a network switch.

  Forum Editor 19:29 09 May 2008

In the context you describe a router is used to connect individual computers on a network - it forwards data packets to their destination, and because it has assigned an IP address to each machine that's connected to it, it can identify which data need to go to which computer.

In saying this I've assumed that you are not designing a large corprorate network - you probably would be here asking for basic help in such a situation. Don't worry about all the technical stuff concerning switches/hubs etc. - it's not necessary at this level of network literacy. Thirty machines constitutes a fairly small network, and if you're using switches why are you asking about routers?

  L8-tian 20:01 04 Jun 2008

The main purpose of router is to connect different networks.

router has a DHCP server where it assigns ip address to the computers in the network.

-->for instance i have 3 computers in network.
the router will assign ip address to these 3 computers.

-->consider you have a modem and 1 computer.
if you connect the computer directly to modem.. you will be able to connect to internet.

-->assume that you have 3 computers and you want to access the internet in 3 computer at same time.then router came in to the picture.because with a modem .. only one computer will go online.

  Forum Editor 23:47 05 Jun 2008

I think we all realise that, but thanks, anyway,

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