What is PureHD?

  Old Un 20:01 28 Mar 2010

Can anyone please tell me what a programme called 'PureHD' is?
Every time I put a new USB Flash drive into my PC and try to look at its properties with Windows Explorer the PC tells me it is installing 'PureHD' and a small progress bar appears. I always stop the action by pressing the 'Cancel' button immediately. I have never allowed it to complete its installation so I don't know what the consiquencies would be but I think it is some sort of Malware. After I have cancelled the action 'Explorer' shows the drives properties in the normal manner.
I have scanned with 'Avast' 'Spybot' and 'SuperAntiSpyware' but none of these reports any Malware. I have also scanned in safe mode. I have searched the internet including the above anti malware sites but cannot find any mention of 'PureHD'.
I am running under 'Windows 7 Home Premium' and this problem has only showed itself in recent weeks.
I would be very greatful if anyone can tell me more about 'PureHD'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 28 Mar 2010

Do you have coral draw?

Start- settings - control panel then add/remove program - select Pue HD and then remove.

  Technotiger 20:58 28 Mar 2010

It appears that it is to with Video and involved with/part of, Windows Media Player click here

I reckon it is safe to let it finish installing.

  Old Un 09:58 29 Mar 2010

Thankyou very much for responding. I did recently try out a Trial Version of 'Corel Draw' but uninstalled it afterwards. Do you think that it has left something behind? I will now take your advice and allow it to finish installing, hopefully it will leave me alone then.

  Old Un 19:22 29 Mar 2010

Thanks to the advise from Fruit Bat and Technotiger I think I have solved my problem. I had originally installed the trial version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X3 and uninstalled it again with a third-party uninstaller (Revo Uninstaller). This programme had not removed the PureHD portion and it continued to attempt installation. I have now downloaded the trail version again and tried to re-install but instead of installing PSP-X3 it uninstalled the remnants that the third party uninstaller had left behind. As far as I can tell everything is now working properly again. Thank you Fruit Bat and Technotiger, you put me on the correct track and I am extremely grateful to both of you.

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