what psu is required for Radeon 9700 pro card?

  tony777 02:11 13 Feb 2003

I suppose the question is in the thread title it has to be said.

However, the main reason I ask this, is because I am in the process of shopping for a PC to upgrade/replace the PII 400 I have at the moment. I'm not sure what brand to go for, but suppose (for example) I went for a hewlett Packard Pavilion from PC world/dabs/comet etc....would I be able to put a Radeon 9700 pro in this computer (model "Pavilion 434", 2.66 ghz processor, 80 gb hd (5400), MX 440 etc)..and then sell the MX card?. Reason I ask this here, is because Hewlett Packard, Packard Bell, Compaq, etc, don't give there "wattage" out on there spec sheets.

Is this the reason Packard bell/HP etc don't include high end cards on there base units?. That said, a 3.06 gig Packard bell (Ixtreme) was reviewed in a mag recently with a Radeon 9700 pro in it, but didn't have a great review though (nothing was mention re the psu though).

One last question. IF I ordered a computer from [b]Evesham[/b] (say), and configured it to include a 9700 pro graphics card, would i assume right in thinking the computer would be built with extra psu (400 watts for example), or would the tower case be same for models that also configure with low end gfx cards (geforce mx say)?

ps:, I read one post on here where someone brought a system (from Evesham)congigured with a radeon 9700 pro, but only recieved a non pro. are there short supplies of pro models?


  bfoc 08:14 13 Feb 2003

rather than solutions I'm afraid!

The Radeon 9700 pro, as I understand, requires two seperate power connections and so will need a decent power supply and also the (easy?) availability of the second power connection, if you were to fit it.

It is also the case that the 9700 pro can run at 8 x AGP, so to get the absolute most from it you should check that the motherboard will support 8 x AGP. There is also a voltage difference between the types of AGP slot, but I believe the card can cope with that, but it would be worth checking.

Whenever you order a PC from anyone you should always confirm the precise details in writing, and not just order Model xxxy. The model details can change put if you specify what you are ordering and they do not supply it, they are clearly in the wrong!

I can't comment on shortages, but lots of places are advertising it!

  powerless 12:23 13 Feb 2003


Ask them what wattage PSU is in there systems.

  tony777 17:06 13 Feb 2003

I saw a HP Pavilion on dabs for £850 today (inc vat/delivery), it is the HP 734 model (2.66 mhz pentium 4, Geforce 4 mx 128 mb, 80 gig hd (5400 rpm)and worksuite 2003 etc, with 5 UB;s as well. Is this good?.

Anyway, I wondered if a Radeon 9700 would fit into this unit (tried HP today for first time, but two ladies one after the other put me through, finally to a support line, it was very busy, no answer, so left it (20 mins). However, I']m sure i would be able to upgrade the graphics card to a superor one anyway shouldn't I?. If not a Radeon 9700, then a "normal" Geforce TI 4200/4600 would be ok yes?. Or maybe a Radeon 9500?. Anyway, I'll take a look round, but don']t want to be ripping my psu out ....before next week anyway;)


  Rayuk 18:14 13 Feb 2003

For that price you should be getting a 7200rpm hard drive.

  Cantillion 18:32 13 Feb 2003

Take note: upgrading your machine may invalidate the warranty! I'd check with the manufacturer to ensure they don't use warranty seal first - the warranty is a BIG factor in chosing to buy a PC ready built PC, so you don't want to invalidate this as soon as you get the thing home!

Obviously I can't speak for Evesham, but I'm pretty sure they'd adhere to the manufacturers recomended minimum specs - if nothing else to ensure they keep returns down to a minimum. But a simple call should aleviate your fears :-).

The HP doesn't sound spectacular to me. Not much RAM and a sloow hard drive. My advice would be to buy a few PC magazines to get the low downs on the review machines (they normally tell you what type of RAM, Motherboard model etc), then search the internet for reviews of the individual components. This will also give an indication of just why some companys' machines perform better than others in tests.

Obviously a PC around the £899 mark will mean sacrifices in a few places though, no matter who you buy from. Sometimes buying a sub £1,000 isn't a wise investment - and for someone looking to buy a top range graphics card, it seems you want the best!

  rickf 18:55 13 Feb 2003

If it is of any interest, I bought a Qtec 550 dual fan for £31 from esayetrader. They are back in stock and its now only £21.99. I am pretty satisfied with mine.

  tony777 00:11 14 Feb 2003

And still be in pocket!

Well i have configured a pc to be as *Close* as possible to the HP pavilion at "Evesham" Thus

Evolution 2400 Wonder:

Worksuite 2003, 2.66 Pentium 4, 80 gig hd (prob 7200), *512* mb ram (is that not "much" RAM Cantillion? or do you only deal in GIGs?). DVD/CD writer (same more or less - slightly faster 48 speed on evesham) Speakers: not sure, but HP’s pair I saw/heard sounded good. Modem/Xp home,..same. Keyboard: definitely better on HP. Software, Plus to HP again.

Price for "HP pavilion 734" (dabs) £850 inc vat/delivery-but only one years warrantee. Price for the Evolution 2400 Wonder as I tried to configure a system as close as poss to the HP….£1197 exc. delivery. So what’s the extra £350.00 for? Warrantee???.

If I could configure a system as cheap as this HP…and with same specs, I would be surprised myself to be honest. But for over £350.00 more at Evesham, it seems you get little more…save 3 years warrantee. Just a thought, I might use the extra £350 to buy an Xbox and 10 games;)

Cheers (I will mark as resolved, because I'm serious about the Xbox!:):P

  tony777 00:18 14 Feb 2003

Yes thanks rick, that Qtec 550 dual fan for £21.99 may come in use for the future. there's a tutorial online at HP for installing psu's cheers.


  Cantillion 09:17 14 Feb 2003

Does the HP from Dabs come with a monitor (stand corrected on the ram by the way - thought I read 128 *stoopid*)

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