What PSU & Graphics Card Upgrade

  Rasper 23:13 10 Dec 2007

Hi - wanting a new pSU & graphics card to boost my gaming lookind to spend aprrox £120 on the pair

My current stats are -
Intel Core Duo E6300 @1.86ghz
Nvidea GeForce 256mb graphics card
2G Corsair 6400 xms2 DHX Dual Path Memory
Intel D946GZIS Motherboard

Want i want to know is -
1. Is the motherboard pants & do ineed a new one?2. Is8600gt 512 ddr2 deemed a considerable upgrade from mt current card ( which has served me well ) - or are ther better cards around the same price
3. What PSU would u recommend ?

Thanks for any help

  Rasper 23:18 10 Dec 2007

Sorry - meant to say GeForce 7600Gs 256mb card

  birdface 07:55 11 Dec 2007

Hi.I am not sure if this helps.But worth a try.click here

  Totally-braindead 10:42 11 Dec 2007

I've got the same graphics card as you and I would like to upgrade but no cash at the moment.

See if this article helps click here now its a few months old now so you might be able to get a card in the lower £90 bracket for less giving you enough to get the power supply as well for your budget.
I would try to get a card with DDR3 memory even if its a lower 256mb one as I believe it runs faster.
Get a branded power supply of at least 550 watts as the rest of your spec is quite high and if in a year or so you decide to upgrade the graphics again you don't want to have to to renew the power supply again, its a false economy. If you can get a 600 watt one even better and if you can get a modular one even better.
(modular ones allow you to remove cables you don't need making them easier to fit - no extra cables in the way and helping cooling as less cables to block the airflow). I couldn't afford one at the time and just got a standard branded one but when I fitted it I wish I had spent the extra as it was real pain tucking away all the extra cables.

  Totally-braindead 10:44 11 Dec 2007

Should have said, I assume the 8600GT is better than the 7600GT but by how much I do not know, hopefully someone else can advise.

  Rasper 12:03 11 Dec 2007

Thaks TB - was looking at DDR3 cards - so may give that a shout - ebuyer have a 700w psu for £39 - artic freeze i think its called - which seems a bargain

  Rasper 12:13 11 Dec 2007

hey buteman - thats a great tool - cheers

  donki 13:08 11 Dec 2007

Beware of seemingly good deals on PSU's, I could be totally wrong but £39 for a 700W PSUI seems to good to be true. I would doubt if the true output is actually 700W do your resaerch on them because u dont want a fried PC. And no im not a party pooper!

If your goign for a GFX card grab a 8800GT its been said for a while now its the best GFX card for the money, around £180. Id recomment the Evga or XFX if you can get one.

  keef66 15:55 11 Dec 2007

I think you may struggle to improve things with that kind of budget for both PSU and graphics card. The 8600GT will be an improvement on the 7600gs, but in my opinion, not by enough to justify the cost.

I'd recommend an 8800gt and spending at least £60 on a 600-700w psu

Scan do a 256mb version of the 8800gt if you're really strapped for cash

  keef66 15:59 11 Dec 2007

Or consider an ATI HD3850??

  Rasper 18:01 11 Dec 2007

thanks for the advice folks looks like ill invest in a decent PSU & save up for a 8800GT - just one question tho - as im on XP and most of the new cards say they are designed for Vista will i come across any issues ?????

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