What program2convert txt files to misc formats?

  theDarkness 22:16 13 Aug 2006

Im looking for a simple program to convert my txt file (which is a book for reading on my mp3 player) from Unicode UTF-8 format to a format which is readable.

I converted from palm book document format (.pbd) to normal text (.txt), but after converting to a txt file I get quotation and apostrophe marks and so on are displayed as awkward â, € and ™? and all sorts of other unusual characters, and every paragraph starts with ?  Â, which is a little awkward when reading.

I can convert this txt file back to pbd using ISiloX, but not to back to txt using the normal Isilo reader 'save to txt', without all the weird gubbins inserted in certain areas of text.

Is there a way to convert a utf-8 format '.txt' file to the correct type of txt file so it will read properly? thanks for any help- I think I know what im talking about - lol :(

  DieSse 22:46 13 Aug 2006

Try stripping out all the symbols from the txt file

Open the file in Wordpad and do Edit - Replace, selecting Replace All.

You'll only have to do iit once for each character. Use a space as the replacement character if in doubt.

  theDarkness 23:01 13 Aug 2006

oops forgot about that!
but is there really no other way? I thought wordpad or a similar prog could do the conversion, ive tried selecting all the text and changing the font type and style from western etc but nothing works.. there must be a prog out there that can change the UTF-8 encoding to whatever its supposed to be? thanks anyway though, itll have to do for now :)

  DieSse 23:36 13 Aug 2006

Any help? click here

Googled for ... convert palm books to text files ...

  theDarkness 00:13 14 Aug 2006

thanks - but I dont have a mac :D hehe!
dont think theres a pc version as that company only seems to make mac products. that program probably converts them to the same utf-8 txt file format so the weird characters in place of apostrophes etc are probably all still there when converted. my isilo reader already has the option to convert the palm documents to txt but dont display 100% correctly.

the replace option in wordpad works ok for txt files but it takes 5+ mins to correct large txt files for all awkward characters :( thanks anyway though, cheers :)

  DieSse 00:22 14 Aug 2006

Whoops - sorry it never struck me to check it was Windows software.

Did you google and spot this one? click here

  theDarkness 10:13 14 Aug 2006

yeah I saw that, thanks- I think its pretty much the same as the ISilo reader with a few extra reading options, eg voice. its probably not a reader im after that can convert the text file to a certain format other than UTF - i dont think book reader pro would do it either. i might need a simple text program that can do the job if thats possible

  DieSse 10:15 14 Aug 2006

It says it does conversions too.

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