What printer should I purchase?????

  naissonej 02:28 11 Sep 2006


I wonder if any one out there can help me please

I need to purchase a new printer but have no idea which make and model to go for, I only use a printer for printing out receipts from internet transactions so I'm not looking for quality, I would go for a black and white printer as I don't require colour but I don't think this preference exists!

The first printer I purchased was a HP Invent All in one, as I print on a daily basis it cost me a fortune having to refill the ink cartridges, I therefore replaced it with an Epson Status C48 which was far more economical but after just under 2 years I've finally run it in to the ground and it's no longer road worthy. What I require is a top loader printer that is up to operating on a daily basis merely for printing out Internet receipts but it needs to be run on the cheapest generic ink cartridges that can be easily inserted when replaced.

I would be grateful for your input

Many thanks


  steve12345 02:38 11 Sep 2006

If all you need is to print black, then you should seriously consider getting a laser printer.

They work out much cheaper to run per page and are usually more robust than inkjets.

  Gongoozler 09:46 11 Sep 2006

I agree with steve12345 that for your needs a laser printer is the best option. The OKI B4100 printer is about the same price as an inkjet and should suit your needs admirably. click here.

It's not top loading, but I don't know of any lasers that are.

  palinka 22:32 11 Sep 2006

and if you go for an inkjet, make sure that it has the option to print black using ONLY the black cartridge anf that the black cartridge can be replaced without having to replace all the colours. Some printers are designed to printblack by mixing the colours to produce black.
But laser is better value if you only ever need to print black.

  naissonej 00:45 12 Sep 2006

Thank you Gongoozler for your recommendation which is also affordable I didn't think I would be able to purchase a laser printer at that price so I'm really excited!

I don't know how to operate a laser printer and only have basic computer literacy is it straight forward to use? I also have no idea how much the toner costs, how easy it to replace the toner etc. so in other words I was wondering if you or steve 12345 know of any links for finding this information please as it's no good me purchasing something I'm not capable of running.

  naissonej 00:57 12 Sep 2006

I would also like to thank palinka and steve12345 for your valued advice, If any of you are aufait with operating laser printers I would welcome your input please.

  Diodorus Siculus 01:00 12 Sep 2006


click here

Often available at less than £50 on the PCW site; it's a quality printer.

Very easy to install and use - install software from CD, connect the usb cable (ps buy a USB cable somewhere other than at PCW as they are very expensive there) and off you go.

  naissonej 01:22 12 Sep 2006

Thanks I will look in to that

Would I be able to use the usb cable from my old epson printer? also is it possible to purchase generic toner

Thanks in anticipation

  steve12345 04:46 12 Sep 2006

A laser printer is no more difficult to opperate than an inkjet nowadays. The toner cartridges can seem expensive on first inspection but they usually last for over 4000 pages of print if you buy the high capacity ones (depending on make/model of printer). The cartridge included in the laser printer is usually a lower capacity one that typically last for about 1000 pages of print.

ML1610 review : click here

Some laser toner carts now also have been chipped like the inkjet carts so may count the pages printed instead of running the cart dry before it refuses to print.

I have an old Samsung laser printer and the included cart had printed about 2000 pages before the printing started to fade.

Replacing the toner is as simple as taking the old one out and putting the new one in, similar to inkcarts but bigger.

You can refill a lot of toner cartridges if thats what you want to do. Just check out which ones can be refilled before you decide which printer you want. click here

And, yes, you should be able to use the usb cable from your old epson printer if it is a standard one which it probably is.

  naissonej 13:54 12 Sep 2006

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the info, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed by it all!

Firstly in your opinion is it ok to refill the cartridges?

The ML1610 doesn't have the "unplug that's it option" which is the cheapest refill method available but I've just telephoned their help line and they have confirmed that all I have to do is undo two screws then it's unplugged enabling me to pour in the toner.

If your answer is affirmative I will be purchasing this model, del was also motioned along side this?????????

I look forward to your reply


  Gongoozler 14:08 12 Sep 2006

I can't see any problem with refilling the toner cartridge yourself - as long as you don't spill any. The toner is a very fine powder and if you do spill it or sneeze at the wrong time it will get everywhere. Unfortunatly I can't try refilling the cartridges on my Epson C3000 as the kits aren't available yet.

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