What is the 'Prefetch' folder for?

  Whaty 09:03 06 Dec 2006

This is pure curiosity. I've noticed that since the 11th Nov a folder called 'Prefetch' within the 'Windows' folder is being populated with various files, does anyone know what this folder is and what it does?

I've had a quick look at the MS Knowledge Base and although it makes several references to it, it doesn't actually say what it is, why it's there and what it does (at least, not in any sort of English that I can understand anyway :-) )

Obviously my curiosity stems from the fact that the folder only seems to have started being used in November?

Thanks in advance,

  anskyber 09:12 06 Dec 2006

Have you read Optimization Myths here?

click here

  Stuartli 09:22 06 Dec 2006

It brings data or instructions into a higher-speed storage or memory before it is actually processed to save time.

You can safely delete all the Prefetch entries if you wish as Windows will add them as necessary.

You can download a utility that will empty the Prefect files if you wish, such as:

click here

  Whaty 10:29 06 Dec 2006

Thanks for your replies.

anskybar, thanks for the link, that's an interesting site.

Possibly a daft question to ask but do you know how reliable the information contained on that site is? I mean, is it just one persons opinion/interpretation of what is right/wrong or good/bad, or is it quallified, supported information?

  anskyber 10:38 06 Dec 2006

Well I suppose the short answer is the site must be accepted (as must the advice from PCA) with care. Many of the answers given on this site are from links such as the link I gave.

  Whaty 10:52 06 Dec 2006

That's true... like I said, a daft question :-)

  mattyc_92 10:55 06 Dec 2006

or personal experience ;-)

  anskyber 11:00 06 Dec 2006

Yes indeed, I suppose I was trying to say that it cannot come with a copper bottomed guarantee. :-))

  brundle 14:40 06 Dec 2006

Ed Bott knows his stuff click here

Mastertech/Andrew K has caused a bit of `upset` with his Firefox Myths article from the above site, click here
Always viewed his opinions with some suspicion since I read that. Plus his Prefetch blurb is from Ed Bott's site anyway....

  David4637 14:46 06 Dec 2006

When you do maintenace on your PC (defrag etc) just highlight all the files in Prefetch and press delete, then remove temp files etc then defrag. No probs I do this once / month. David

  postie24 16:06 06 Dec 2006

Whaty,if you use ccleaner,go to advanced and that gives you the choice of deleting prefetch data.

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