What is POP all about?

  YinHoNg 15:55 12 May 2005

I've been trying to set up email clients but i have no idea what POP is all about?>

Can someone explain to a total noob what pop is?

  SANTOS7 16:00 12 May 2005

1) Short for Post Office Protocol, a protocol used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server. Most e-mail applications (sometimes called an e-mail client) use the POP protocol, although some can use the newer IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

There are two versions of POP. The first, called POP2, became a standard in the mid-80's and requires SMTP to send messages. The newer version, POP3, can be used with or without SMTP.

(2) Short for point of presence, an access point to the Internet. ISPs have typically multiple POPs. A point of presence is a physical location, either part of the facilities of a telecommunications provider that the ISP rents or a separate location from the telecommunications provider, that houses servers, routers, ATM switches and digital/analog call aggregators

  Stuartli 16:02 12 May 2005

It stands for Point of Presence - the collection of e-mails from a service; SMTP is the reverse (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Your ISP will have a configuration such as pop3.yourISP.co.uk and smtp.yourISP.co.uk to allow you to send and receive e-mails via Outlook Express or similar mail client.

  dogbreath1 16:10 12 May 2005
  dogbreath1 16:14 12 May 2005

You may find that if you are browsing with Firefox, some of the images don't show...but all is well in IE (I am sad to say!)

  Stuartli 16:30 12 May 2005

Works perfectly well in Firefox (1.0.4) - have you got Load Images enabled in Web Features?

  dogbreath1 16:37 12 May 2005

Hi Stuartli. I've just installed FF 1.0.4 (i.e. since my previous post) and figures 17 through to the end still appear as black boxes! Yet all the previous figures are clearly rendered.

  dogbreath1 16:38 12 May 2005

And yes I have got Load Images enabled.

  Stuartli 16:57 12 May 2005

See what you mean...:-)

For obvious reasons I never went that far down. Must be a page or website problem as the first examples are fine.

Reloading doesn't make any difference.

  Belatucadrus 17:03 12 May 2005
  dogbreath1 17:04 12 May 2005

Thing is, it does show in IE or by using the FF IE extension.

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