What is the point of this SPAM email?

  Batch 10:29 30 Sep 2006
  wolfie3000 10:30 30 Sep 2006

Yes i think that if you open it or reply to it then they know its an active account then you will recieve lots more lovely spam.

  Jak_1 10:31 30 Sep 2006

just ignore and delete. Do not respond in any way to the mail, by clicking on any removal link in the mail let's them know that your addy is an active addy and more junk will follow.

  Batch 11:43 30 Sep 2006

Thanks guys, but I can't imagine why any moron would reply to it. So as I say, what is the purpose.

  rodriguez 11:45 30 Sep 2006

Believe it or not, there probably are some morons out there who would send something back saying "What you on about? I don't even know you you crazy fool" or something similar :-D which would then show them the address is live.

  Batch 11:46 30 Sep 2006

Yeah, maybe there are. Like the people who believe there is a god!

  MickinPlymouthUK 11:53 30 Sep 2006

Speaking of spam,I sometimes get an e-mail from somebody who says something like "It wasn't nice of you to outbid me on e-bay in sneaky way, I'm reporting you", but I haven't a clue what he's talking about because I've never bid in my life, so I simply delete it.
Guess it's yet another attempt to get a response from us so they can latch onto my mail address for further spams..

  Jackcoms 12:01 30 Sep 2006

"I've received what is clearly a SPAM email"

Just the one, eh??

You're lucky. I get dozens of them every day.

Use click here to filter them out.

  SANTOS7 12:08 30 Sep 2006


Two points i would like to pick up on, Why have you automatically assumed that you are a moron if you open spam mail, there are a lot of PC users that are new or unaware of this type of threat that mistakenly open such mail, and the automatic asumption that people who believe in god are also morons.
If you are getting spam mail from a particular source
then there are people on here who can advise you on the best action to take.

click here
the link will give you a clearer understanding of spam, its like direct marketing in a sense but done in a most obtrusive way as unsolicited email

  realist 13:08 30 Sep 2006

AOL filter out almost 100% spam, you may be unlucky enough to get one or two a month...

  wolfie3000 01:03 01 Oct 2006

Realist im with aol and on my spam e-mail account i get 170+ a day.

"AOL filter out almost 100% spam"
I only wish they did.

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