what pci card for 2 monitors?

  athenrye 19:35 01 Sep 2007

hi my son has a xp computer and a large hdtv that he would like to connect to as well as his monitor

he wants to be on the monitor doinf you tube etc and have other films etc running via the computer to the hdtv

would another single pci car do the trick?
would this one work click here

or am i barking up the wrong tree?
do i need something else for this to work

  athenrye 19:39 01 Sep 2007

can you run 2 single pci cards for monitors on one computer?
or do you need a dual one?

getting a bit lost here

  holme 20:28 01 Sep 2007

I assume the existing PCI graphics card does not already have dual output ports (e.g. 1 x DVI and 1 x VGA).

The cheap option is to fit a second PCI graphics card - but does the PC have enough spare slots for two PCI cards?

If not, you could replace the existing card with one which will support dual monitors (in this case, one being the TV). The card connected to the TV would require a DVI port which, on most cards, is considered to be the 'primary' port, so you might need to do a fair amount of swapping around to configure things to get the right port driving the right display! If you see what I mean...

All being well, you will probably be able to do this by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, selecting Properties, then the Settings tab and taking it from there to set up the Primary and Secondary displays.

I suspect you may have to click the 'Use this device as the primary monitor' box to make the monitor the 'primary' display, and the TV the 'secondary' display.

So expect some trial and error to get it working as you want. HTH.

  athenrye 20:38 01 Sep 2007

the existing card dosnt have dual outputs

i have spare pci slots avilable to use

ive looked and dual ones seem to be a lot more expensive than single ones
so id like to go the cheap route!

i think ive got a rough idea with setting up

its the buying of one that gets me...
anybody got any reccomendations?


  holme 21:18 01 Sep 2007

The problem is you'll need a card with a DVI port to connect to the HDMI TV.

So if the existing card has only VGA port(s), I think you'll have difficulty finding a 'cheap' card with just a DVI port - all the ones we've just looked at have 1 x VGA and 1 x DVI (some also with an S-video out port).

The cheapest selection we've found are in the 45-50 quid bracket. Very wide range of choice - the only one we have experience of is the Radeon 9250 we got from Maplin, click here

Obviously we can't guarantee that will meet your requirements but, on the face of it, we would think so. And of course you could run both the monitor and TV from the same card if you wished to do so.

It might be worth doing a trawl to see if there's anything cheaper - but make sure it's a PCI card and has a DVI port. HTH.

  Totally-braindead 22:37 01 Sep 2007

Most graphics cards with dual outputs will do dual display providing the outputs on the card will connect to the displays.
I don't think its possible to have 2 seperate graphics cards at the same time (unless you are talking about Crossfire or SLI both of which requires a special motherboard).

Does it have to be a PCI card? Does the PC not have either a PCI Express slot or an AGP one cos theres much more choice.

  holme 22:49 01 Sep 2007

"I don't think its possible to have 2 seperate graphics cards at the same time"

We've previously done it for use with dual monitors. See click here (quote) "You can either install a second video adapter or replace your current video adapter with one that has two VGA or DVI connections."

We've never done it but I think having multiple graphics cards is the only way to get three (or more!) monitors running. I've seen a pikky of a demo with 6 monitors running from 3 x dual-port PCI cards...

  Totally-braindead 22:57 01 Sep 2007

Well I stand corrected I was always told it wasn't possible.
Cheapest option is still to buy one card with two outputs anyway.
The card you have listed athenrye probably would do it but its a very poor card and subsequently I think might struggle to power 2 displays, mind you it probably depends on what you are doing with them at the time.

  athenrye 01:34 03 Sep 2007

ive had a good look at my sons computer data
he has a 128mb geforce fx5200 with tv out
he has 3 pci slots 1 occupied with modem and 1 CNR slot free

im going to go for the dual graphics card option
any reccomendations of the geforce ones as i think this might be the mst compatible way to go

i see they have a vga connection for the monitor and a dvi connection for the tv
do you get dvi to hdmi cables for connection to the tvs

ps would i be able to use the graphics card that comes out of his computer on my one
i ave a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR [Display adapter]on my xp machine
i do have extra pci slots as well

  holme 09:38 03 Sep 2007

I think your plan is very sound.

The choice of GeForce PCI cards is a bit limited but suggest have a look at this click here

There's also a 256MB version available click here

DVI to HDMI cables are available in three lengths, click here

In principle you should also be able to use the 'old' card in your own machine. HTH.

  holme 09:45 03 Sep 2007

WHOOPS!! I'm so sorry, the 128MB card listed above does /not/ have a DVI port.

So for GeForce, it may be that you're limited to the 256MB card (same number - confusing isn't it?)

Again my apologies for not getting it right first time. :-(

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