what is pagefile.sys

  lesR 18:03 04 Apr 2003

Can I delete pagefile.sys, it is 1.5gb and I need the space. using win98se

  recap 18:08 04 Apr 2003

You wont be able to delete pagefile.sys while Windows is running. The file is in use. Outside of Windows you could possibly delete it provided the disk isn't NTFS and you boot with a DOS boot disk. If you did delete it though, chances are the system wouldn't boot afterwards.

  lesR 18:16 04 Apr 2003

I cant boot from a floppy or cd as I dont have any. I am using a fuji point510. Could I boot from a pcmcia network card

  recap 18:18 04 Apr 2003

lesR, never heard of being able to boot from a pcmcia card. Maybe somebody else in here can direct you on that one.

  recap 18:19 04 Apr 2003

click here and you may be able to create your own boot disk?

  €dstow 18:25 04 Apr 2003

Are you sure there isn't anything else you can chuck out to make space before removing Windows system files?

If you really are so desperate for space, you ought really to be looking at a new machine or certainly a larger capacity hard drive.


  recap 18:33 04 Apr 2003

lesR, when you say that you don't have any, which do you mean you don't have, any external drives or disc's?

I would take up €dstow sound advice on this one lesR which ever of the above is true.

  lesR 19:07 04 Apr 2003

the machine is an old webpad touchscreen computer. there are no drives other than the one hard drive with only 3gb. The only way to get files onto the computer is serial connection or LAN connection. I only use the machine for surfing and I dont want to buy another hard drive. I can boot to dos and delete it that way. But what is pagefile.sys

  recap 19:14 04 Apr 2003

The page file is a special file used by windows for holding temporary data which is swapped in and out of physical memory in order to provide a larger virtual memory set.

The file name is pagefile.sys and it is created during setup in the Root of the boot drive as a hidden file. It will not show up on an Explorer file listing unless you toggle off the "Hide system Files" option. In its default state it should be approximately 1.5 times the system RAM.

  jz 19:36 04 Apr 2003

I used the find command on my C drive, but it didn't find pagefile.sys. I have Windows 98 and I have Explorer set to display hidden and system files. The biggest file I could find was win386.swp which was about 160Mbytes. I have 320Mbytes of RAM.

  lesR 19:52 04 Apr 2003

there is only 40mb ram. I have windows manage my memory. If I changed this and reduced the amount will it reduce the size of the file.

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