What now?

  Dorkins 11:47 13 Jan 2007

My computer for no reason i can think of occasionally freezes and even when i use the Task Manager it cannot stop a program from running. I did a few months ago set a restore point in System Restore. Would now be a good time to use that restore point and if so how do i use System Restore. Sorry for being thick! Thanks for any and all help.

  VoG II 12:04 13 Jan 2007

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

or if you can't find it there, Start, Run, type


and click OK.

  p;3 15:58 13 Jan 2007

ps.asking for help about anything is not being thick (any and all questions are welcom here)

needing help and not asking for it IS::))
I have a friend who , when I asked him if he had used system restore to roll his computer back to a good date replied with 'what is system restore?'; so you are not alone :))

also, you would do well to continue to create restore points at regular intervals

when you manage to find it, have a look and see what restore points are already there

  terryf 16:12 13 Jan 2007

Don't think that you are thick, we all had to learn and it is always easy when you know how. One thing that you need to know, left click on an empty part of your desktop and then press F1. This will bring up the help centre where you can type in a query like 'system restore'. Remember though that computers are stupid and will only answer those questions where the answers have been programmed in by humans.

  SLAYER 17:13 13 Jan 2007

A handy wee shortcut.

  bof:) 21:45 13 Jan 2007

we all start somewhere, and you can guarantee that when you ask any question there will be others thinking...'am I glad they asked that'.

This is a very friendly site, never be worried about asking.



  Enoch 09:31 14 Jan 2007

Be very carefull of depending on System Restore as it is NOT dependable. Put in the words: System Restore into the "Search Forum" box at the top of this page and key "Go" and see others opinions

  bof:) 13:08 14 Jan 2007

when you use Task manager, are you trying to stop a particular program or does it fail to end the task of any program?

If a particular programe which one is it?

Other Questions:

does your pc freeze when you are doing the same thing?

does it freeze after running for the same amount of time?

Does it make any noises before or whist it freezes?

Can you here the fan running normally when it freezes?

Had you downloaded / installed or deleted any programes before the freezes started?

Do you get more than the 1 normal beep you get when your PC starts up normally when it freezes?


Download and run a program called Ccleaner, it is free and will clean out anything left over that needs removing.

click here

once installed I set it to clear everything except my recycle bin and in advanced section I tick ONLY
Old Prefetch Data.

Dont use ISSUES or TOOLS buttons, only the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right hand side.

Also run update and run all antivirus programs and make sure you have a firewall on your pc.


  bof:) 14:03 15 Jan 2007

have you solved this? If so could you please post here what you did, so others may benefit from your experience.

If not solved, how are you getting on?

Thanks, Mike

  rodriguez 15:13 15 Jan 2007

"even when i use the Task Manager it cannot stop a program from running" - do you mean that when you press End Task nothing happens? This can be fixed - press End Task then go to the Processes tab, find dumprep.exe then click End Process. This should then instantly close the program that you tried to end.

  bof:) 20:30 27 Jan 2007

are you still having problems with your pc?

have you tried what we have suggested if so did any of it work?

if you have solved this problem could you please give explanation as to how it was finally solved (this will help others with the same problem)

could you put a tick in the Resolved box.

Many thanks,


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