What is Norton Ghost

  suburban train 16:12 28 Feb 2003

What is norton ghost and is it worth purchasing?

  jazzypop 16:22 28 Feb 2003

Norton Ghost is one of several programs that will create an image of a hard drive (or a partition on a hard drive). An image is similar to a photocopy - it makes an exact replica of your hard drive onto another drive.

Using this sort of program, you can take a snapshot of your drive at regular intervals - if anything goes wrong with your system, you simply reload from the image, and you are back to a working system in tens of minutes, exactly as you were the last time you imaged your disk.

There is one 'gotcha' - you cannot store an image of a disk (or partition) to the same disk.

Therefore, you need either two hard disks, or a single hard disk split into at least two partitions.

Is it worth buying? If you value your data, it is one very simple method of backing up your data. Like all backup strategies, it is only of any value if you actually carry it out regularly.

Go to symantec.com to find out more.

  MAJ 16:25 28 Feb 2003

I just knew someone was typing out the answer at the same time I was, so I quit. :-)

I'll just give you my favourite "Ghost" link, knowledge boy.click here

  vinnyT 16:30 28 Feb 2003

it's similar to powerquests' drive image. they are used to make a complete image of your hard drive and or partitions on said hd/s, this is useful, if like many people you enjoy messing around with the configuration of your pc or trying lots of sware off cover mags. If something goes wrong, you just run the prog and tell it which image to use and your pc is back the same as when the image was made (like the restore or go back feature in ME and XP, only more effective, imo).

wether it is worth buying, only you can say. Drive Image 4 was on one of the cover disks of another mag just recently, don't remember which. If you check out the mags, there is a diff prog on a cd at the moment, don't know if it's any good. Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 16:32 28 Feb 2003

yeah, MAJ, I should'nt have bothered either:-)

  MAJ 16:40 28 Feb 2003

That jazzypop is just too fast, vinnyT. ;-)

  suburban train 16:42 28 Feb 2003

Thanks all

  pj123 17:33 28 Feb 2003

having said "cheers for your help" and "thanks all" why not tick it as resolved?

  Stuartli 18:06 28 Feb 2003

It was on C--p-t-r Sh---er's February 2003 cover disk.....

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