What is the normal download speed for broadband?

  Cybermaxx 21:28 06 Mar 2004

I've signed up to the 512K download/256K upload service with Pipex. When downloading large (say over 100MB) files the rate falls to about 32KB per second, and stays there. Is this about average, or am I doing something wrong here?

  fuzzyone 21:35 06 Mar 2004


I have exactly the same broadband as yourself ( only with Blueyonder ) and my download speed averages out at around the 60kb per second.

  Gongoozler 21:42 06 Mar 2004

Hi Cybermaxx, don't forget that download speeds depend just as much on the server at the other end of the wire as your modem.

  Cybermaxx 21:43 06 Mar 2004

So there is something wrong somewhere! Do you also have the 50:1 contention ratio? What factors would determine the speed of download? I'm new to broadband, and I want to find out how to get the best out of it.

  christmascracker 21:44 06 Mar 2004
  Kinder Scout 21:46 06 Mar 2004

Do a test on click here although it is only a guide, you should get between 55 - 60 kbs.

  fuzzyone 21:50 06 Mar 2004


my contention ratio is I believe 30:1, which may go a far way to explaining your download speed, and, as Gongoozler says, your speed is only as quick as the servers at the other end.

  Rob_E 21:52 06 Mar 2004


I'm on Pipex and generally manage 60 - 70KB/S. Sometimes stuff does come in slower but it's generally just a case of the state of the server you're downloading from.

Worth a look around here tho click here

  dfghjkl 21:53 06 Mar 2004

i am also new to high speed broadband recently upgrading from 150k to 600k with ntl.i usually get 70 to 77 but sometimes more.you will notice that it changes a lot,depending on who you are downloading from.sometimes as low as 20.enjoy it,you wont go back.

  Cybermaxx 22:00 06 Mar 2004

thanks for the responses. I ran the test twice, averaging 55.1 down/30.2 up KB per second, which is better than I've been getting in practice! Could the time of day (ie number of users on the server) be a governing factor?

  AshW 22:00 06 Mar 2004

Just to back up what everyone has already said, I'm on a 512k line and get 50-60kb/s when on good servers.

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