What next after Windows 98se?

  Bargee 20:25 07 Apr 2003

My faithful & trusted 98se will, one day, have to be replaced as newer hardware & apps reduce support for it. What is the alternative for an XP hater who WILL NOT allow Microsoft to monitor or dictate what he can & can't do on or to his machine? 2000, ME, or something completely different that will run my existing Windows based software? I'm simply dreading the day (probably sooner than I think!) when I have to undertake this crucial upgrade. Any pointers/advice will be gratefully & pitifully received.

  zanwalk 20:38 07 Apr 2003

There is still a huge number of 98 users out there, including quite a few business's, so I believe that support for W98 amongst software and hardware manufacturers will continue for sometime yet. However, if you must upgrade, W2000 is a very stable and underrated OS, and support for that will surely outlast W98. You could then consider trying out Linux, which although completely different from Microsoft's offerings is a whole lot cheaper (even free in some cases). It does take a little bit of application to learn though.

  Pesala 20:39 07 Apr 2003

Too many problems with Windows ME, and XP is none to popular by all accounts.

  Legolas 20:45 07 Apr 2003

We had WinNT installed last year at college and it was fast and stable, they upgraded? to Win2000 and now the machines are slow and stable. It might be different running on a stand alone machine but it is slow on the networked machines at college.

  flecc 20:48 07 Apr 2003

I'm staying with 98SE and variations of it, as I'm also someone who dislikes XP

There are so many like us, and so many 98 users in total, that support for it will extend way into the future. Just as there are PCI cards for USB2 and IDE connections, there will be cards for the new serial hard drives as they become popular.

As for software, there's already enough available to cover any possible need, and with two thirds of the world's computer users still on Windows 9x, there'll be new programs too.

It's too big a market to ignore in these tough times, and there will always be companies willing to provide for our hardware needs, just as they did with USB2 when Micosoft/Intel tried to dictate that we couldn't have it. In the end, we got USB2 well before it was available for XP, a fitting justice!

  Switcher 20:49 07 Apr 2003

Very good question BARGEE.

I agree entirely with your sentiments re XP and who controls my PC.

Unfortunately the dumbing down really started with ME and continued on with XP and will no doubt continue.

  flecc 20:52 07 Apr 2003

Look at HyperOS. That's a fairly new program which, although it can be used with XP, is hugely biassed towards Windows 9x and enables 98SE to comfortably outrun XP in any application.

  graham 21:00 07 Apr 2003

Was waiting for you to pop up! How's the China connection going?

  MPete 06:01 08 Apr 2003


  Tog 07:42 08 Apr 2003

If you want to evaluate a Linux variant and you have the download bandwidth, try Knoppix. It gives you an idea of what Linux is about without having to be installed, it runs from the CD, doesn't touch your hard drive unless you tell it to and you can save your config settings to floppy.

click here

  Bargee 10:59 08 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone, it seems as though there is life in the old dog for some time to come. I shall certainly be checking out all the tips & links.

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