What new mesh computer

  charlton200 18:21 02 Aug 2004

I have decided to buy a new mesh computer , I have set my sights on this one.
click here

But I am not sure about the upgrades. I think I am happy about the processor and memory,and I think I will need a floppy drive.

THE hard drive looks ample.

I am not sure about the video card as my wife does play games a lot.

The monitor looks fine .

I don't know what a DVI Monitor Cable is and if I need one.

I am also unsure about the Optical Drives,

I would like a dvd+cd/rw burner and a separate cd rom drive but not sure which is which.

Don't know what a zip drive is.

What sound card to go for?
Or what speakers .

Should I go for cordless keyboard and mouse or not.
Should I have the fire wire.

I have a digital camera so a card reader I will get.

This is a long list and I don't want to say after I bought it ,I wish I had this.

I would be very grateful for any advice however small you could give to me.

Many thanks in advance.

  johnnyrocker 20:26 02 Aug 2004

make sure you have a look through other threads re mesh before arriving at a decision.


  charlton200 21:00 02 Aug 2004



  Rigga 21:12 02 Aug 2004

Right... I brought a Mesh myself, same AMD 64 3200+, not long ago, and am very happy with it, so here's my opinion.. for what it's worth :-)

Video Card - An excellent choice to play the latest games is the Radeon 9800 Pro (go for the All in Wonder if buying this card. Same card more features!) , Unless your wife plays the very latest games, and I mean the VERY latest.. (Doom3 etc..) Saying that, the supplied 5900XT would probably be sufficient, for most games needs.
The All in Wonder, is basically the same Radeon 9800 Pro plus it has video input, so you can digitize analogue video, say from a VCR etc. useful if you ever want to capture video from tape, another advantage is the All in Wonder includes a tv card, for watching TV on your PC.

DVI Cable - You won't need a DVI cable, as the supplied monitor is analogue!

Optical Drives - The bottom selection in the drop down box, is what you require for your needs as stated above (16x DVD-Rom + Sony DWU-18). Although my preference would be to leave this alone and purchase a separate DVD writer, the very latest dual layer writer can be had for around £50 these days. Although if you don't want to mess with the internal's of your computer then as stated above the bottom selection in the drop down is the best option.

Zip Drive - You won't need this; it's basically for backing up data, which can easily be achieved with the CD writer.

Sound Card and Speakers - The one's supplied as standard will be plenty good enough imo. (Unless your a audiophile.. not sure if that's the right word.. if you own a normal stereo system, not separates costing 5grand, then the supplied speakers and sound card will be fine)

Wireless keyboard and mouse - This is pretty much personal taste. I did have a wireless mouse, but got fed up of changing the batteries, and am now much happier back with my wired mouse. I also found the wireless mouse a little less responsive then a wired version. But some people love wireless and would never go back to wired. If you've never had a problem with wired keyboard and mouse, then they should be fine, save your money.

FireWire - The is a fast connection, a bit like USB2, but a bit faster I think, it's mainly used for digital camcorders, or external hard drives. Basically, the supplied USB2 ports would offer all the fast connectivity you will need. (Unless you own a digital camcorder!)

GFYL with the card reader, sounds fine!

Just my two peneth.. hope it helps!

  Sans le Sou 22:59 02 Aug 2004

I am not sure that an analogue TFT is the best option for playing games on, can anyone else comment on this?

  charlton200 08:17 03 Aug 2004

That help me a lot.Thanks for your time.

Many thanks

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