What is needed to connect Broadband ?

  mrsp 09:35 08 Mar 2004

I have two computers, one upstairs, one downstairs, but not used at the same time. I know you need a broadband modem, but what about the second computer ?. Forgive my ignorance, but I haven't a clue, so if someone could advise me in very plain english, I would much appreciate it. I emailed BT but the answer was gobbledygook !. Thanks.

  Chegs ® 09:37 08 Mar 2004
  johnnyrocker 09:39 08 Mar 2004

depends on your operating systems you may be able to use ics (internet connection sharing)
click here and click here for further advice.


  mrsp 21:22 10 Mar 2004

I am am confused by microfilters. routers etc, I dont think I will bother now, thanks anyway.

  SEASHANTY 22:47 10 Mar 2004

How to set up and share a broadband internet connection click here

  SEASHANTY 22:52 10 Mar 2004

.....also HowStuffWorks - home networking -
click here

  deadneat 22:55 10 Mar 2004

click here This is great 4 noobs

  PUNKA 02:36 11 Mar 2004

Dont despair check out the sites that people have recommended it is the only way to learn and you will feel well chuffed when it all works.Go for it !!

  SEASHANTY 15:18 11 Mar 2004

There is also a large amount of information on broadband networking on the Broadbandbuyer website
click here

  john-232317 16:28 11 Mar 2004

Is broad band available on your exchange is the first thought?

  Hax 16:49 11 Mar 2004

I had the same problem to overcome.

The cable run to consider networking was a pig!

Solution. Two modems!

One installed on each computer - but it means that only one can be connected at any time. This has worked a treat for me and all at a cost of £27.00 for the second modem, the first being a freebie as part of the BT Broadband deal.

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