What is this in my WIN.INI file..with XP?

  paulgeaf 01:27 12 Mar 2007

I recentely removed a multiple infection of viruses and, although I have a full HD image I could go back to, I prefer to learn and fix it. So I more or less have with a few things I am still looking into.
anyway, I really do not know if the following is in any way related to the virus or not. It may have already been like this before the infection but I can't be sure.
I was just looking at the sysedit and reading the file contents when I got to the WIN.INI file (which I believed wasn't used in XP?) and it had the following entries:

[Indigo Rose]

The first and obvious one I have a severe issue with is the NETSOCK section and the multiple entries in that area.
I have looked and googles netsock and netapi.dll but to be honest I need a simple breakdown here. I am confused about what it EXACTLY does in the contect of the win.ini file entries.
I mean, what exactly would entries like that be for? Why is the file being referenced and by what and what are the numbers for?
Any help on this would be great as I just want to learn about it. I have never before seen this in the win.ini file have you?

The other sections I am probably just being paranoid about but if you can help me to know what they might be too then I will be a happy bunny!
Google searches have led to me to discover that Indigo Rose is a software company and it appears that some older programs were cheeky enough to leave their uninstall file in the Windows Directory and infest the win.ini file with their uninstall routines so, I'm not too worried about that one now. though I haven't a clue which program I have, is made by that company and it could, in theory, be another part of the virus, emulating the old indigo rose software stuff in order to start a file.
Anyway....please help if you can?

  Mark5001 03:41 12 Mar 2007

click here
This is the second one. Crayola Magic Colouring book.(Scroll through the second "window" to the bottom.)
Through a bit of reading it seems that you have several network protocols running at the same time. I'm afraid it will take someone a lot cleverer than me to explain why.

  paulgeaf 13:58 12 Mar 2007

Thanks for that. Seems you found one of the pages I found too! thank you for looking for me.

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