What is my IP address

  guesswho2 21:40 01 Dec 2008

Just for fun, I have looked up my IP address on one the sites offered by Google for this purpose and I note that it's not the same as the one shown in Control Panel > Network Connections.
Can someone explain why they are different?

  mocha 22:04 01 Dec 2008

Hi guesswho2,

Network Connections will probably be showing your router local side connection to the Internet. eg. or or similar.

  Switcher 23:12 01 Dec 2008

Start > RUN > CMD then Ipconfig > Enter

  Switcher 23:16 01 Dec 2008

IPCONFIG /ALL for more info

  guesswho2 08:44 02 Dec 2008

Thanks mocha and Switcher.
I have tried Cmd>ipconfig which gave:
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
None of these are the same as that given by ask-leo.com and other sites.
Don't understand!
Does it matter?

  guesswho2 09:14 02 Dec 2008

Gentle bump!

  DieSse 09:54 02 Dec 2008

mocha has answered you already. is the IP of your PC, given to it by the router.

The one from the web is the public IP as seen by others on the web - and in essence is the IP of your router.

  DieSse 09:58 02 Dec 2008

It's all so that routers can handle numbers of PCs locally, yet your web connection still only has a single IP.

You web IP tells the world where you are (not you precisely, but at least your ISP).

Local IPs are similar on all routers, and simply identify each locally attached PC to the router.

  guesswho2 10:07 02 Dec 2008

Thanks DieSse. I'll try hard to understand!
I'll mark it resolved whilst I mull over it!

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