What is my browser's problem? firefox and internet explorer

  gasmonkey 21:10 06 Dec 2012

Over the last few months my browser (firefox 17.0.1) has been having intermittent problems displaying content of website pages, images, ads, videos, pretty much everything. Some days it works fine and they some days its terrible and makes browsing the web almost impossible. Below are some links to screenshots of what webpages look like when it is having problems. I have tried reinstalling firefox about ten times and it doesn't fix the problem. Also internet explorer is having similar problems to, which leads to be believe that the browser is not at fault, however, images and videos display fine on the computer when not using a browser to display them so it must be a problem with the internet browser/browsers or something they share use of. Any ideas?

google image search results http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/11621233/img/11621233.jpg

youtube http://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/11621279/img/11621279.jpg

  gasmonkey 22:16 06 Dec 2012

Thank you for the replies. Interesting that both of you mention the router as the possible cause. I will look into that I bit further. Thanks again.

  michaelw 09:10 07 Dec 2012

Also there is a problem with the latest Java platform V7, especially with Chrome and Firefox. They say they can't fix until next year.

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