What motherboard & RAM should I get?

  blackstorm2k 22:17 12 May 2004

I have chosen to upgrade my PC (for the first time) and have decided to get a P4 3000Mhz processor. However I'm undecided about what m/board I should get. I'm looking at the Intel D865GBFL board, but there aren't many reviews for it, and I'm not into overclocking. I've heard the Asus A7VX-X is good though. Any thoughts?
I also want 512Mb 400Mhz/PC3200 DDR RAM - Kingston seem to be quite good but on Ebuyer they give a list of boards that the RAM is 'designed' for. What the hell's this mean!?!

Cheers ppl :)

PS anyone got any useful tips about fitting motherboards?

  Dumble452 23:25 12 May 2004

Have a look at Novatech bundles click here Their bundles use matched memory so all the compnents work together properly ( I don't actually know what it means either)
The manual which came with my motherboard was very easy to follow. It was sold under the Novatech brand name but is actually a Matsonic board.

  Simon_P 23:56 12 May 2004

click here

On the navigation border under "shop in shop"
Select "Motherboard kits"

There you have two choices from each kit

1 a motherboard kit

2 a built and tested motherboard kit for a few more £££.

If you are going for the DIY options, read all the manuals very carefully, it is not that hard to do but can be a little tricky. If you are not confident about something, don’t DIY, mistakes can be expensive.

  Totally-braindead 00:25 13 May 2004

One thing you probably better budget is for either a more powerful power supply or a new case with a power supply(this can often be cheaper) as depending on what you have now your old power supply might not be good enough. The advice given above is good especially for the first time builder as you know you'll get components that work together, if go the full DIY way then you can have problems unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing, for example certain mainboards don't like some types/makes of memory. I personally wouldn't buy off Ebuyer, I'm one of the people who had major problems with them though there are some people who swear by them rather than at them. Good luck.

  blackstorm2k 22:28 14 May 2004

Looking at one of the motherboard kits includes the Asus P4P800D. It looks good and has good reviews but I noticed a comment on the Ebuyer website under the same board, saying that he had trouble fitting the Geforce 5900 XT in, as it was really cramped. He had to bend the chips to fit them in!?!

Anyone know if this is true?

  Totally-braindead 22:35 14 May 2004

I have a MSI 5900XT and it fits my Gigabyte board with no problems, however I believe some of the new graphics cards come with either a really large heatsink or fan or both and this can cause great differculty installing the card. Some are so large that they block the PCI slot next to them I read about problems they had installing some of these cards at click here which is a good site for reviews of all types of hardware. I am not certain what this person fitted but I would presume its one of these card with a very big heat sink. If you buy a card which is fairly standard (like mine) you shouldn't have a problem.

  blackstorm2k 23:17 14 May 2004

Well, the XFX geforce 5900 XT apparently takes over the PCI slot next to it - massive card apparently! That bloke on ebuyer said the RAM slots got in the way!?! I've never seen a m/board with the RAM slots infront of the AGP port!

Also, is a 360 watt power supply enough do you think? I think the only PCI card going to be installed is a modem (and soon a broadband one). I have two optical drives and one 30GB harddrive. I bought my new chieftec case the other day but am beginning to wonder if a 360W supply is enough. Should be shouldn't it? It's advertised as being suited to P4s.

Thanks for your help btw!

  Totally-braindead 17:08 15 May 2004

Have a look at click here but please bear in mind that not all power supplies are the same, some power supplies will give a stable supply and some will not, whether this will be enough depends on what else you have ie how many drives etc. And the graphics card takes a power lead as well.

  Satmansq 17:18 15 May 2004

Be aware that the asus motherboard that you mentioned is for an AMD processor and that the Asus P4P800D is the equivalent for a P4 processor. I have the AMD version and am quite pleased with it.

As for the problem with the graphics card i would suspect that this has more to do with the PC case than the motherboard.

  mosfet 19:53 15 May 2004

I used the P4P800 for my build.Along with XP is rock solid.I am more than happy.

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