what motherboard

  iqs 17:19 30 Nov 2011

Hi, I was given an old packard bell imedia mc 2559 PC. The pc hangs on the pink packard bell boot screen,all devices have been disconnected,still hangs.

I am looking for a replacement MB,but cant find any support on the packard web site.

The cpu is a Pentium D

Any help please

  gengiscant 17:48 30 Nov 2011

Pentium D or socket 775. I would have a look on eBay for a cheap Skt 775 motherboard.

  iqs 18:29 30 Nov 2011

many thanks

  iqs 13:22 01 Dec 2011

Can I ask,if the pc hangs at the packard bell post/bios screen,that the cpu is fine ? Thanks

  gengiscant 13:39 01 Dec 2011

Difficult to say, it is more than possible that the CPU is knackered.I suppose you would need to try another Pentium D to test that theory.

  iqs 20:43 05 Dec 2011

Hi,I tried a celeron d and still the same,hung on the Packard post screen,can't press f2,f3,f8 etc. ,your thoughts please ,thanks

  KRONOS the First 08:34 06 Dec 2011

Do you know the make/model of mobo? This info can often be found on the motherboard itself.

  iqs 17:31 06 Dec 2011

Hi, I have found the MB details,and gone to the gigabyte support page,the MB is not listed .I was hoping to flash the BIOS,last thing you should do,but i have tried everything else. Thanks

  KRONOS the First 17:44 06 Dec 2011

What are the details then? Flashing the bios is certainly not the last thing to do,these days it is something done quite simply and like patching a game it can improve performance. But I do not think flashing the bios will be of much help with your problem though it would not do any harm if the mobo is knackered anyway.

The reason that the board is not listed is because it will probably be an OEM mobo produced specifically for Packard Bell. There might be support somewhere but it can be tricky to track down, so if you can post the mobo details.

  iqs 19:23 06 Dec 2011

Sorry,I didn't post the details as I assumed if gigabyte didn't list it ,it must be so old and discon. I can't even access the bios etc,because the ps2 and ush keyboard is not detected .



  KRONOS the First 08:43 07 Dec 2011

From what i can tell that board was a oem specific revision of the gigabyte GA-8TRC410M-RH used in some packard bell and nec systems. As there is nothing for it on Packard Bell /NEC sites, it probably dosen't have any bios updates.

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