What is the most graphically demanding PC game?

  MaffPink 22:11 10 Feb 2003

I'm getting a new computer in a couple of days, it is powerfull. I'm looking to find a good game that has extremely good graphics to give my new system a workout. Your suggestions would be appreciated.


  Djohn 22:36 10 Feb 2003

Mad onion is a graphic test program that will push your sys. to the limit, well recommended and a free but large download. click here

  MaffPink 22:39 10 Feb 2003

i have 56k, thanks anyway

  Djohn 22:45 10 Feb 2003

MaffPink, I've just had a look at the site, and on the main page it says something about a *teaser* version, check that one out, it may be a small download. regards J.

  PSF 22:48 10 Feb 2003

Try Unreal 2 the graphics are really good, or UT2003.

  MaffPink 22:50 10 Feb 2003

yeah, the teaser is only 5.5mb, i'll download when new comp comes on the 12th.


  Djohn 22:53 10 Feb 2003

MaffPink, good luck with your new PC. and you'll really enjoy the graphic test, just sit back and watch, some really amazing scenes.

Enjoy your new toy! :o)

  jediknight007 01:07 11 Feb 2003


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