What is Microsoft QMgr

  Audeal 23:10 21 Mar 2003

Can anybody tell me what QMgr is for and what it does. I know this is to do with MS Messenger and it wants to access the internet every time I log on. But I do not want it to access the internet if I do not know what it is for. Thanks for any help. Audeal.

  sil_ver 23:19 21 Mar 2003

Perhaps this will help click here

  Audeal 23:34 21 Mar 2003

sil_ver: Thanks for that. Although it does not explain what it is for at least it showed me what the file is called and how to stop it from trying to access the internet. Many Thanks to you.

  kuhbler 10:48 22 Mar 2003

Go into msconfig and turn it off.

This works for messenger 4.6, but I find with Messenger 5 the bloody thing keeps coming back after a couple of reboots :/

I'm not sure exactly what use it has, but I block it with my firewall and it hasn't caused any adverse reactions yet!

  Audeal 12:02 22 Mar 2003

kuhbler: Thanks for that. I use MSN Messenger 5. I have now turned it off and have not seen any sign of it since. I did block it with Zone Alarm but it still kept trying to access the internet which generated a warning on the "task bar icon" which annoys me. The main problem is not knowing what it is for. Maybe it is Spyware, which Microsoft are known for.

  leo49 12:41 22 Mar 2003

Google tells you it's MS's Download queue manager - completely unessential as far as I know.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:46 22 Mar 2003

If you want to transfer files thriugh MSN you need this to do it atherwise it wont work.

  leo49 12:51 22 Mar 2003

completely unessential then, as who uses MSN? :o)

  Audeal 20:02 22 Mar 2003

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË : You ask "Who uses MSN ?" Well I use it for keeping in touch with my family. Strangely, My Son has had problems sending me files, Mostly pictures, whereas I am able to send them to him. It would appear that this would be the problem as I know he does not have it on his system. It seem that you have solved two problems at the same time, for me.

Many thanks to you. Audeal.

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