What memory for an Asrock 939Dual-SATA2

  gooberfish 16:47 31 Dec 2006

i want to upgrade my memory from 2x512mb of pc 2700 ddr333 to 2x1gb pc 3200 ddr 400.

the board does support ddr 400 pc 3200 but i've seen on some websites and on ebay memory that is high density 128x4.

i cant seem to find any info as to whether my board supports this high density stuff.

board specs are here click here

some people have told me it might or might now work , some have told me it will and some have told me it wont , so who's right.

hopefully somebody can give me the right answer.


  Totally-braindead 16:52 31 Dec 2006

Go here click here and put in what motherboard you have and it will tell you what it can take. If you run the Scan Your System it will tell you what you have and what you can take.
I would not buy memory off Ebay it may work ok but it may not. Crucial guarantees their memory will work or your money back and their customer service is brilliant.

  Totally-braindead 16:53 31 Dec 2006

Heres your board and what it will take click here

  SantasLittleHelper 16:53 31 Dec 2006

Hi, have a look at this link, if you scroll down it tells you which motherboard chipsets the memory supports. It does state that it will work with ULI chipsets, you could always e-mail them and ask to make sure. Hope this helps, click here

  Stuartli 16:56 31 Dec 2006

According to the manual up to 4G of RAM can be installed in the four slots (PC3200/DDR400; PC2700/DDR333 and PC2100/DDR266).

However, it's important to read Page 12 of your motherboard manual (see your own link for a download link if required).

  gooberfish 17:07 31 Dec 2006

Totally-braindead , i checked the crucial website but they are a little out of my price range for 2x1gb. i'm willing to take abit of a risk with ebay but still need to know about the high density thing.

SantasLittleHelper , i asked them if that memory would work and they said it would but another seller selling identical memory said it wouldnt , this is where i'm slightly confused.

Stuartli , read page 12 , what exactly is the omportant bit lol

thing is its been a couple of years since i bough memory , usually it was a case of going to a pc fair buying any old stuff and it all worked no problem.maybe i should have kept up a bit.

  gooberfish 17:08 31 Dec 2006

please excuse all spelling mistakes , its new years eve and i started early lol

  Stuartli 17:08 31 Dec 2006

I've already deleted the manual download...:-(

It seemed clear enough at the time.

  gooberfish 17:13 31 Dec 2006

i understand about all the dual channel configs , is that what you meant?

  Totally-braindead 17:16 31 Dec 2006

The speed of the memory is to a certain point irrelevant. If the processor you have cannot run at PC3200 speeds then installing PC3200 will make no difference whatsoever, by this I mean in terms of the speed the memory will run at. If you add another 2 x 512mb RAM that would then give you 2 gig of memory running at PC2700 speeds.
If you are certain you want to try the Ebay memory then check exactly what Crucial says will work in the way of Parity. Latency etc and try to get the same from Ebay.

The reason I wouldn't buy from Ebay is I had a problem with cheap memory and it caused so much problems I prefer to pay the extra.

  gooberfish 17:20 31 Dec 2006

according to crucial i can use this Specs: DDR PC4000 • 3-4-4-8 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR500 • 2.8V • 128Meg x 64 aswell as pc3200 ddr400.

now i'm even more confused as the board specs dont even mention pc4000 ddr500

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