What is mcupdate.exe and HDD thrashing.

  mooly 09:47 14 Nov 2008

Been trying to track down the cause of constant HDD thrashing- over 1 hour this AM of continuous activity ( running Vista HP + sp1 ) and I know there are countless suggestions on the web etc but this puzzles me.
Resource monitor shows something called mcupdate.exe. Google always shows it as being related to McAffee products.
I have NEVER had any McAffee stuff on the PC. I run FSecure internet security, although the PC did come with a trial version of Norton which I never used. Is there any tie up between the three companies ?
The main culprit for the thrashing MAY be searchindexer.exe as this is always at the top of the list in resource monitor so I have disabled it in services to try. And as I type all is quiet.

Just the mcupdate thingy. Any ideas what it is.

  woodchip 09:53 14 Nov 2008

McAfee click here
Thrashing may be McAfee doing a Scan

  woodchip 09:56 14 Nov 2008

Have you Removed NORTON as you should only have one AV on your computer

  woodchip 10:00 14 Nov 2008

Also you need to follow through on this click here
and note the bottom header about Worm click here

  mooly 10:06 14 Nov 2008

Wow that was quick.
Brief history. Acer notebook new in Dec 2006. Running X.P. Never used the installed Norton free trial, went straight to Fsecure.
Never ever ever had anything McAffee installed.
Got the "free" Vista upgrade in early 2007. Did a clean factory restore of XP, then installed Vista. Deleted all the Acer stuff + Norton.
That gave as clean an install as possible of Vista.
HDD thrashing has always been a mentioned problem but this last couple of weeks has got really severe. No changes made to system.
HDD light does not go out at all for over an hour most days, constant HDD noise, slow and unresponsive system, can take a minute or more when like this to open anything.
Resource monitor shows searchindexer.exe as the main culprit, but there was this mcupdate showing. I had no idea what it was so Googled it and that say McAffee update. That's what puzzles me.
The HDD thrashing does seem to have stopped at the moment after disabling searchindexer.exe.

  mooly 10:12 14 Nov 2008

What I will do is make a full backup later today first, just in case anything goes wrong --- I am no real expert.
Thanks for the links too. I have run a full computer scan by FSecure and that's clean and also a full scan by Windows Defender which ( unsurprisingly some might say ) showed nothing.
Thanks again for the help, will keep you posted.

HDD still silent !! Too good to be true.

  woodchip 10:14 14 Nov 2008

I used to have the Hard Drive working on a Medion Laptop That I bought The Hard Drive speed was only 4200rpm and 30Gb I bought a new Hitachi 60GB drive 7200rpm this stopped the thrashing I lated added some more Memory upto 512mb as it was only 256mb using XPhome. But it fast and no thrashing now.

The Hard drive was the Problem, Too Slow

  woodchip 10:15 14 Nov 2008

Also if it gets Fragmented or too Full will do it

  mooly 10:28 14 Nov 2008

I only have 1Gb RAM but keep on top of disc housekeeping etc. It's a 120Gb drive with two equal partitions, only around 30% full on the "C".
I can't believe that the search indexer was the problem. It can't be that easy.
But it's still silent. Lately when I logged on to a site such as PC Advisor the HDD would start churning away. It would take ages and ages to access anything. Very strange.

  mooly 17:29 14 Nov 2008

Still quiet. Amazing !! Going to do full back up this weekend.
Have posted a new thread on searchindexer,
click here

as I want to find out more.
Have also asked FSecure on their opinion of mcupdate. Must find out what it is.
Thanks again for the replies.

  mooly 14:02 15 Nov 2008

Ran the scan in your link. Nothing suspicious I could find.
Interestingly I do use CCleaner and also have TweakNow installed. CCleaner finds no registry errors, TN finds one, and the free scan in the link finds 550 which for payment it will fix. I don't think so.
I did a full Acronis image anyway, am going to reinstall that as I have been having a major play this morning installing some specialised stuff. A USB Pic programmer.
Now I know whats what I will start again.
Many thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

p.s. Its still silent. Yes Yes Yes.

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